Cold Pin

February 24, 2011

via Reuben Son

Percussionist extraordinaire Eli Keszler has a new motorized sculpture installed at the Cyclorama. I’ve heard it involves potentially decapitating wires, is interactive, and makes cool sounds. On Friday night, as part of the ongoing CycSpecific At The BCA event(s), Keszler is going to be playing as Oxtirn with frequent collaborator Ashley Paul and sadly under-appreciated creator Geoff Mullen, and they’ll all be joined with Greg Kelley on his trusty trumpet and Reuben Son playing the bassoon (!?). So they’ll all be making a glorious racket while Cold Pin does its thing, possibly with audience participation? And Kelley opens with a solo set. Not sure if the installation can be turned off or anything, so he might be collaborating with Cold Pin by default.

This CycSpecific thing is fucking AWESOME (clearly) with this and a ton of other cool shit, like Neptune playing in the midst of interpretive dancers Liz Roncka and Olivier Besson, which also happens to go down Friday night. Check out the calendar for the full list. Cold Pin will be up for a while so even if you can’t make it to the performance on the 25th, you should at least try to check out installation.

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