Millipede – Realms (Dead Pilot, 2011)

October 13, 2011

MillipedeDestroyers And Usurpers (Dead Pilot)

It’s been way too long since Millipede (aka Joseph Davenport) has put out a full length (only a year but still) and he comes back on a new label (previously on Install) and with some trendy cover art (ignore it if it’s not your thing but either way I don’t think it says too much about the sound. Just imagine it’s a version of the Triforce because this dude started out making Zelda inspired noise). Truly fantastic sounds on here. Scathing & grating guitar harshness, a Neil Young worshiper getting high on Skullflower, Love Is A Stream taken to the next Holy Noise level, My Bloody Valentine recording on the surface of the sun. Nearly impenetrable grit with glorious melodies shining through, Davenport clearly honing his skills, diving deeper into the bliss birthed from cacophony. If you’ve followed Millipede through the full blooms on Death Mountain, this is the next stop on the journey and an absolutely necessary one at that. Noobs take a seat and learn how it’s done.

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