Morgan Evans-Weiler – Alone/Together (YDLMIER, 2011)

October 17, 2011

Morgan Evans-WeilerTogether (Part 1) (YDLMIER)

Boston dude on a Boston tape label, a perfect fit for each other. Morgan is a fuckin beast with his violin & electronics. Harsh drones and furious scratchings on four tracks, “Alone” and “Together” with two parts each. The “Together” tracks are of the droney variety, squawking a hole in your head with nerves of steel, blown out & blurted, the most enjoyable nails on a chalkboard I’ve ever heard. “Alone” has him going to fuckin town on his violin, medieval pliers torture, the nastiest violin shredding a la Mick Barr. I wouldn’t be surprised if he needed a new violin after each song, it sounds like he is literally destroying it. Slowly, pulling & stretching until it’s a crumbled pile of washed up noise. Too fucking cool.

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