Black (Metal) Mixmas II

December 18, 2011

“Merry Mixmas” cards by the second best Gocco-er: Heather Jeany

I made a black metal mix in ’09 for my holiday AGB break, skipped over it last year in lieu of this wacky music box album, and am reviving it in 2011 for perhaps an annual thing? We’ll see. I thought it would be appropriate this year because I seem to be surrounded by death & abandonment.

I’ll be gone for a little while, as has been the case lately. Lots of family time due to having less family. So I’m leaving Black (Metal) Mixmas II in my stead. I decided to select songs that only came out in 2011 for this. So it kinda doubles as a year end best black metal list for me, but not entirely. This should be a hit with you & your loved ones. Make sure you share it with everyone. Play it while the little one in your life has woken you up at some ungodly hour and you’re enjoying your spiked coffee. Unwrapping presents before sunrise is what black metal was made for.
Download Black (Metal) Mixmas II
1. The Body & Braveyoung – Song 1 (Nothing Passes, At A Loss)
2. Mamaleek – You Can Bury Me In The East (Kurdaitcha, Enemies List)
3. Angelcrust – Sneer (Pet Semetary, self released)
4. Burzum – Jeg Faller (Fallen, Byelobog)
5. Vit – The Ardour Of Saints (, Music Ruins Lives)
6. Whitehorse – Fierce Reprisal (The Body / Whitehorse Split, Aum War / Sweat Lung)
7. Petrychor – In Remembrance (Effigies & Epitaphs, Khrysanthoney)
8. Auspicium – Where Waves Mark Our Passage (Infinite Lights Of Greater Stars, Ninth Meridian)

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One comment on “Black (Metal) Mixmas II

  1. APitcherOfSummer Dec 21, 2011

    Awesome mix. Some really choice cuts too. I think you should make a Black Metal list though judging by how amazing your Drone list was.