Tate Eskew – Modality (Functional Equivalent, 2011)

January 10, 2012

Tate EskewLost Connection (Functional Equivalent)

Not having heard Tate Eskew before, this short EP seems like the perfect intro to him. Each of the songs are way different from each other, making me think this is almost a sampler of all forms of Eskew drones. The first is a little raga snippet, then there’s a psych style guitar feedback mini epic with distant hard hitting mechanical drums, “Lost Connection” stretches out the opening of an ambient techno track into a 4 minute sprawler, there’s an unsettling dissonant cosmic-scape, and the final song is a quiet starlit walk on the beach. All sorts of sounds, some more fleshed out than others, but each of them exceedingly well done and highly enjoyable. Eskew already has a new full length out since Modality was released called Semiotics, so I’d definitely recommend checking that out as well.

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