Nova Scotian Arms – Cult Spectrum (Digitalis, 2012)

January 11, 2012

Nova Scotian ArmsGathering/Composition (Digitalis)

Grant Evan’s (aka half of Quiet Evenings and esteemed Hooker Vision pusher) full length vinyl debut is proving right off the bat that 2012 ain’t nothing to fuck with, Cult Spectrum is a harrowing and ethereal record. A swath of drones, all beautifully haunted with fully resonating smothered pianos, slowly leaking tires, chirps & moans of diving apparitions, elegiac bliss echoing from distant battlefields, drugged factories chugging along without human intervention, sounds warped just enough to make you question your sanity. Long stretches of soft pink static, all wrapped in a spectral harmony, a stunner for sure. 100% awesomeness that, if there’s any truth in this world, will be remembered when the year end lists start popping up mid year.

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