Radere – I’ll Make You Quiet (Futuresequence, 2012)

January 24, 2012

Radere…So I Left (Futuresequence)

The debut single artist release on Futuresequence’s new label, who’s already showed the world it’s exceptionally capable with the two massive SEQUENCE compilations. And I couldn’t think of a better way to start things off than with a Radere (Carl Ritger / False Reactions) full length, who hasn’t put out anything longer than an EP since 2010, which is basically like forever. I’ll Make You Quiet is literally Riger at the fucking top of his game. Breaking away from single track albums, this is 5 shorter but still pretty damn long tracks of intense drones, cold and icy but blissful as hell, venturing into harmonic choir territories that conjure some of Xela’s more heavenly moments. The clouded snowy mountains in the artwork are a perfect image for this, Ritger’s newish Rocky Mountain home has taken his foggy mist drones of the shore and given them a craggy and more intimidating sound. Long stretches of pouring static, bone chilled with a touch of winter sun warmth, buried field recordings, bitter sadness & majestic heartache, shimmering ice & swelling euphoria, and incredibly lush. This is fucking it. If you ever needed a reason to check out Radere, now’s the goddamn time. He’s already peaked and he’s got a ways to go. This sexy slice just dropped TODAY and you need to make it your number one priority to grab it.

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