Rivulets – We’re Fucked (Important, 2011)

January 25, 2012

RivuletsSheep Among Wolves (Important)

I’m writing about We’re Fucked because it’s not normally the kind of thing I write about AND it’s not the usual Important fare. Rivulets is usually Nathan Amundson’s solo project but on this one he’s expanded to a three piece (drums and another guitar, maybe?). This is some somber stuff, with songs about how Amundson is angry, or in love, or both, or something else, I’m not entirely sure as lyrics have never been my fort√©. That’s the feeling I get from this, though. Way dark and almost definitely not happy. Mostly a quiet, intimate sound, just Amundson singing in his earthy falsetto with his guitar, acoustic or electric depending on his mood, both sparse and rich, occasionally building to loud foot stomping, chest thumping moments of emotional fury. It’s truly amazing stuff that seemed to be ignored by the circles I find myself in, perhaps just because it’s got more traditional sounding song structures and stuff? Fuck that. We’re Fucked deserves your attention, regardless of where you think your musical interests lie.

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