Grasshopper – Miles In The Sky (House Of Alchemy, 2011)

January 26, 2012

GrashopperWith Diamonds (House Of Alchemy)

House Of Alchemy has been super kind to us here, they reissued this super limited tour-only tape from 2009 and the world is a better place for it. Grashopper is a trumpets/electronics duo making some crazy fucked noise drones on the free jazz spectrum. There’s two side long pieces last a little over 10 minutes each, the first leaning heavy on the drone, with searing static and shrill tones that sounds like their trumpets are in flames. Surface of the sun type stuff, or rather, Icarus style, too cose, definitely, but only close enough to melt your face instead of total incineration. The B side is a bit more frantic, it starts out with an old sample of a guy grashopper telling a little girl what his music sounds like in various moods, “And when I’m sad, it’s like this…” and then Grashopper comes in with some pulsing high end grit, heading into some spacey shit, waves & rays shaking their fist, trumpets dancing in the cosmos. Totally fucking cool, and although The House has graced us with another round, it shan’t last long. Only 100 copies of this bad boy and it’s been out since sometime last year. You do the math.

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