Sun Hammer – A Dream In Blood (Futuresequence, 2012)

March 15, 2012

Sun HammerThere Is No-One Around But Flies (Futuresequence)

The incredible Jay Bodley, everybody. Recording here as Sun Hammer for Futuresequence’s second proper release, Bodley has made a jaw dropper of darkened drones. This thing straight up should have been the score to Event Horizon. Bleak creepiness infused with the vast nothing of space and some drops of sci-fi nightmares. The opening piece is a 19 minute droning juggernaut, patiently evolving from one movement to the next with static waves and long form regret. 4 shorter pieces follow, each one summoning the dark parts of your soul, stretched out haunted minimalism woven with pulsing, grinding, clicking, buy cialis online mastercard whining, and crying, all walking the delicate balance of dissonance & bliss. This is the darkest of grays, as dark as you get without going full Black Ambient or Black Metal or Black anything. Unbelievably fucking awesome. Digital only for now but FS is currently considering making the plunge to physical releases, so who knows what’s in the bag. And if you’re digging Bodley’s stuff as much as me, know that he also releases stuff as A Setting Sun, most recently December on Moongadget back in… December, and he’s been contributing to Disquiet’s Junto project every week. So, plenty more goodness where this came from.

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