Sujo – Diaspora (Inam, 2012)

March 16, 2012

SujoSix Days (Inam)

It seems like I just wrote about Sujo’s last (free!) record, Terran. I kinda did (less than 2 months ago) but that was a late writeup and this one is mostly on time. Plus, I just got this and it fucking rips. Absolutely fucking massive, this dude pushes all the right buttons for me. Diaspora is apocalyptic drone metal of the highest order, taking all genres and mashing them into ultimate destruction. Like Nadja’s metalgaze mixed with Locrian’s blackened noise, some Before The Dawn Heals Us style majesty, and Pyramids’ furious blastbeats. Songs of doom that sound like a leviathan is wreaking havoc, conquering the world, and you’re the only one who can stop it, that slow motion scene where you finally stand up to it, alone, knowing there’s no hope of survival. Deep bone rattling rumble, monolithic static feedback, the hardest hitting drums and the grandest euphoric drones ever, black & blissful as fuck, the most jaw dropping loudness I’ve heard all year. Turn this fucker up and watch the world crumble.

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2 comments on “Sujo – Diaspora (Inam, 2012)

  1. I’m still bummed that I missed grabbing the physical copy of this, but after listening, I’m not even sure how an actual disc is capable of containing it.

    Everyone: open wide.

  2. Such a great release. I also didn’t get hold of a physical copy but I’m always on the lookout. You never know.