Secret Pyramid – Movements Of Night (Students Of Decay, 2013)

October 10, 2013

secret pyramid - movements of night album cover
Secret PyramidA Descent (Students Of Decay)

Holy cow now this is a fucking record. Secret Pyramid, aka Amir Abbey, has brought us a stunning display of soft drone perfection, the stuff dreams are made of. This really is the embodiment of softness, no hard edges or jagged angles to be found, the stark sphere of a billiard ball obscured behind a gauzy veil, taking clips of melodies and stretching them out, looped on themselves and buried buy cialis in riyadh under a thick Basinskian blanket, piano notes floating out from the black green of an ocean cave, finding their way to the top and caught in the subtle surface shimmer, everything washed in a comforting melancholic static and hanging in the delicate balance between sleep & consciousness, a magically golden midnight haze that opens up half-forgotten memories both tender & somber. Super special stuff from a new-to-me dude courtesy of the ever-trustworthy Students Of Decay.

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2 comments on “Secret Pyramid – Movements Of Night (Students Of Decay, 2013)

  1. Man alive! This is gorgeous.

  2. Kacper Jan 19, 2014

    Abruptly ran into tranquil state of nonentity..

    Stunningly beautiful