Culver – Gateshead Graves (Fabrica, 2013)

November 6, 2013

culver - gateshead graves album cover
Culver – How She Cut Herself (Fabrica)


Fabrica is on one hell of a streak this year, with killer releases from Aeronaut and Rambutan that’ve already blown my mind, and now this new LP from Culver (aka Lee Stokoe) that’s out of this fucking world. Two side long pieces of dark drone minimalism peaking at critical mass, sentient feedback that couldn’t be any heavier, humungous slabs of bone pulverizing vibrations, crank this thing on Satan’s stereo and your soul will evacuate your body seeking sanctuary in the fiery pits of hell, this is serious crater making thrum, the sound of stars colliding and the infinitely dense black hole that ensues, the roar of a monolith mixed with the mind bending bleakness found in the endless stretch of wastelands, static & near motionless crumbling of pure black minimalism, the sound of all that’s left after the universe reversed back into the Big Crunch, total void, absolute nothing, and motherfucking perfection incarnate.

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2 comments on “Culver – Gateshead Graves (Fabrica, 2013)

  1. Roreek Nov 6, 2013

    Marvelous. Worth listening to at various volume levels – it’s excellent both quiet and loud, but the impact & effect of each is quite different.

  2. The Sulcus Feb 3, 2014

    Also worth listening to at both speeds.