AGB Radio (November 11, 2013)

November 12, 2013

Special Ladies Only Edition!

AGB Radio 2013/11/11
Foie Gras – Post Birth (from Innermost Shrine, Heavily Gilded)
Mariposa – She Had Some Horses (from Holy Ghost)
Andrea Pensado – Teraz, Tak! (from Teraz, Tak!)
Nina Georgieva – Homo Necans (from Collision Detect)
Karen Gwyer – Waukon (from Needs Continuum)
Group Rhoda – Day Ruiner (from 12th House)
Alice Boman – Waiting (from Skisser)
FKA Twigs – Papi Pacify (from EP2)
Julia Kent – Nina And Oscar (from Character)
Helena Hauff – Micro Manifesto (from Actio Reactio)
Félicia Atkinson – Entomology (from Visions / Voices)
Sarah Neufeld – You Are The Field (from Hero Brother)
White Poppy – In The Sun (from Drifter’s Gold)
Julia Holter – He’s Running Through My Eyes (from Loud City Song)
Sharron Kraus – Rowan (from Pilgrim Chants & Pastoral Trails)
Waxahatchee – Lively (from Cerulean Salt)
Petra Glynt – Of This Land (from Of This Land)
Ashley Paul – Black And Blue (from Line The Clouds)
Okkyung Lee – Two Perfectly Shaped Stones (from Ghil)
Marisa Anderson – Mojave (from Mercury)
Ora Cogan – Black Swells (from Ribbon Vine)
Julianna Barwick – Look Into Your Own Mind (from Nepenthe)
Sarah Davachi – Brumeux (from The Untuning Of The Sky)
Agarttha – I. Lambsprinck (from A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands)
Scout Niblett – Gun (from It’s Up To Emma)
Ekin Fil – Sea Holly (from Ekin Fil)

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One comment on “AGB Radio (November 11, 2013)

  1. Such a great year for female artists. A few on here I haven’t heard yet. Thanks!