AGB Radio (November 18, 2013)

November 19, 2013

Fucking Raum you guys. Get on that.

AGB Radio 2013/11/18
Raum – Blood Moon (from Event Of Your Leaving)
Natural Snow Buildings – Carnal Flowers (from Daughter Of Darkness)
Mount Eerie – Clear Moon (from Pre-Human Ideas)
Antonymes – Falling [I] (from There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay)
Gabriel Saloman – Cold Haunt (from Soldier’s Requiem)
Sea Of Bones – Beneath The Earth (from The Earth Wants Us Dead)
Graham Lambkin – Abersayne (from Abersayne / Attersaye)
Uton Courtis – Pensamiento (from Flokka Kur)
Harsh Vibes – Reds Under The Bed (from Dead Collective Soul)
Greenhouse – Chatter (from Cold Wires)
R. Millis – Awaj Arepo (from Relief)
Musiccargo – Tip Top (from Harmonie)
Trouble Books – Fake Fern Shadows (from Love At Dusk)
Mamiffer & Circle – Vessel Full Of Worms (from Enharmonic Intervals (For Pashen Organ))
White Manna – Ascension (from Dune Worship)
Adrian Corker – Interdependence (from Raise)
Ricardo Donoso – Diagonal Environment (from As Iron Sharpens Iron)
Bad Kisser – Haunted Pussy (A Spell) (from Loss)
Ron Morelli – Slow Down (from Spit)
Invisible Path – Descension (from The Levitating Mirror)
Freddy Ruppert – Stanch 2 (from Hangs A Shadow)
Bloodyminded – Token 3 (from Within The Walls)
Emakousma – Hoof And Horn (from Island)
James Plotkin & Paal Nilssen-Love – Death Rattle (from Death Rattle)

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