AGB Radio (November 25, 2013) Label Spotlight: Enemies List Home Recordings

November 26, 2013

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This is the first in a series for AGB Radio where I’ll pick a record label and go through the highlights of their catalog. This particular label, Enemies List Home Recordings, had a perfectly sized discography because I was able to play a track from everything they’ve released and made it just in the nick of time for my allotted 2 hours.

Enemies List is one of my favorite labels ever. They focus on home recordings (duh) and while they tend to release music that’s pure gloom, they also dabble in black metal, bedroom pop, chill ambient, nightmare noise, and whatever else catches their fancy.

AGB Radio 2013/11/25
/Background music/ Giles Corey – Awake Now (from Deconstructionist)
Have A Nice Life – I Don’t Love (from Deathconciousness)
Nahvalr – Blood Flood (from Nahvalr)
America Addio – Azoic (from Plat Of Zion)
Afterlives – Still Lakes (from A Ticking Clock I Couldn’t Stop)
Have A Nice Life – The Icon And The Axe (from Time Of Land)
Nahvalr – All Is Error (from All Is Error)
Planning For Burial – Oh Pennsylvania Your Black Clouds Hang Low (from Leaving)
America Addio – Simply Living (from Cotton Kingdom)
Sleep In – The Woods (from Carnival)
Xasthur – Dehumanizing Procession (from Defective Epitaph)
Mamaleek – My Body Rock Long Fever (from Kurdaitcha)
Giles Corey – Spectral Bride (from Giles Corey)
The Flowers Of St. Francis – A Quiet Observer Appears (excerpt) (from Vol. 1)
The Flowers Of St. Francis – What Wasn’t Still Isn’t (excerpt) (from Vol. 2)
Dweller On The Threshold – The Woods: Electric (from Dweller On the Threshold)
Have A Nice Life – All Teeth (Afterlives cover) (from Santa Is Real)
Planning For Burial – Fucking To Floodland (from Quietly)
I Do Not Love. – Damaged (from The Haunting Presents)
Dan Barrett And The Cruisers – No Such Thing, Pt. 2 (from Drive II Soundtrack)
Giles Corey – Blackest Bile (from Live In The Middle Of Nowhere)
Giles Corey – Winter’s House (from Hinterkaifeck)
Frustrator – What Are You Thinking? (from Anther)
Black Wing – My Body Betrayed Me (from My Body Betrayed Me single)

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