AGB Radio (December 2, 2013)

December 3, 2013

Pardon my French. I had no idea how to pronounce any of that Bataille Solaire stuff.

AGB Radio 2013/12/2
/Background music/ Mike Bullock – Figures Without Ground (from Figures Without Ground)
Gianluca Becuzzi & Fabio Orsi – Talking With Ghosts: Two (from Dust Tears And Clouds)
Hubble – A Long Way From Home (from Hubble Eagle)
Pulse Emitter – Io (from Crater Lake)
Secret Boyfriend – Form Me (from This Is Always Where You’ve Lived)
Magik Markers – American Sphinx Face (from Surrender To The Fantasy)
Stilla – Tidlösa Vindar (from Till Stilla Falla)
Theologian – Ectothermism (from Some Things Have To Be Endured)
Giuseppe Ielasi – Untitled (1) (from Rhetorical Islands)
Bad Sector – Everything (from Unification)
CCR Headcleaner – Drink Gold (from Lace The Earth With Arms Wide Open)
So Hideous – Rhapsody (from Last Poem/First Light)
Bataille Solaire – Sauropodes Et Acacias (from Documentaires)
Ahnnu – Arena (from Battered Sphinx)
Blue Hawaii – Sierra Lift (from Untogether)
Acid Mothers Temple & Space Paranoid – Space Paranoid (from Black Magic Satori)
Robert Beatty – Cone Eater (from Soundtracks For Takeshi Murata)
Alvin Curran – Shofar Der Zeit (from Shofar Rags)
Cara Neir – Forlorn Love (Henry And Karen) (from Portals To A Better, Dead World)
Alberich – Heat Death 2, Pt. 2 (from Fortification: Cassette Works, Vol. 2)
Arnold Dreyblatt & Megafaun – Recurrence Plot (from Appalachian Excitation)
onYou – Black Zero (from Recovering The Baseband Signal)
Circuit Des Yeux – Acarina (from Overdue)
Tor Lundvall – The Quiet Hour (from Structures And Solitude: Night Studies)
Stefan Wesolowski – Hand Im Haar (from Liebestod)
Xiu Xiu & Eugene S. Robinson – Glass (from Sal Mineo)

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One comment on “AGB Radio (December 2, 2013)

  1. Nick vdK Dec 3, 2013

    Glad you’re making these, Justin. If I can offer a humble suggestion, you should make this available as a podcast for the lazy. WP has plugins for that.