Johan G. Winther – Eating Or Vomiting Its Tail (Beläten, 2013)

December 6, 2013

johan g winther - eating or vomiting its tail album cover
Johan G. Winther – Eating Or Vomiting Its Tail (Beläten)


Holy fuck what an ungodly glorious racket this guy makes. This new tape on the excellently evil Beläten has two side long pieces of boiling caustic skree à la Yellow Swans, Millipede, JCL, and the like, but with a substantial amount of depth. It’s noisy as fuck, yeah, but there’s tons of layered intricacies, crumbling riffage and melodies and shit, a melancholic gloom pop amped up and set out to bake in the desert heat for weeks on end, the details barely buried, enough to get you hooked but you’ll still get bowled over by the endless waves of gritty black feedback. The blisters form almost instantly like you’ve just been dropped in the heart of a nuclear reactor meltdown, lethal radiation seeping into every pore, and blasting you with a wall of sonic carnage. Safe to say you’re lucky if you make it out alive, and if you do, I guarantee you’ll jump right in for round two.

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