AGB Radio (December 9, 2013) Top 20 Drone Countdown

December 10, 2013

One track from each of my favorite 20 drone records of this year, starting with number 20 and counting down to the NUMBER ONE.

AGB Radio 2013/12/9
/Background music/ The Necks – Open (from Open)
Jasper TX – In All your Blinding Lights (from An Index Of Failure)
Secret Pyramid – Quiet Sky (from Movements Of Night)
Total Life – Drifter (excerpt) (from Bender/Drifter)
Olan Mill – Neutrino (from Hiraeth)
Mohammad – Sakrifis (from Som Sakrifis)
Culver – An Oath (excerpt) (from Gateshead Graves)
Be Honest – Tea, Sugar (excerpt) (from Tea, Sugar, Soda, Soap)
Lawrence English – Lonely Women’s Club (excerpt) (from Lonely Women’s Club)
Roly Porter – Giant (from Life Cycle Of A Massive Star)
Fabio Orsi & Pimmon – I Wish You Were In Yallingup (from Procrastination)
Betacicadae – Gold Country (from Mouna)
Earn – Skyscraper (from Hell On Earth)
Federico Durand – El Espejo De Mil Años (from El Idioma De Las Luciérnagas)
Aquarelle – Sandpaper Winds (from August Undone)
Alessandro Cortini – Resta (from Forse Vol. 1)
Raum – Event Of Your Leaving (from Event Of Your Leaving)
Ian William Craig – On the Reach Of Explanations (Vocal Version) (from A Forgetting Place)
Rafael Anton Irisarri – Her Rituals (from The Unintentional Sea)
Julianna Barwick – Pyrrhic (from Nepenthe)
Josh Mason – Dying In A Banana Grove (from The Symbiont)

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