AGB Radio (December 16, 2013)

December 17, 2013


AGB Radio 2013/12/16

/Background music/ Residual Echoes – A Marriage (from The Middle Path)
K’an (坎) – Remnants Of A Distant Beauty (from Anima)
Kiln – Kopperkosmo (from meadow:watt)
Barnett & Coloccia – Retrieval (from Retrieval)
Idassane Wallet Mohamed – Inarègh (from Issawat)
Lionel Marchetti – 奥秘 | Mysteria (from 23 Formes En Élastique)
Ryoji Ikeda – Supercodex 03 (from Supercodex)
Parhelion & Zac Keiller – Opal Sky (from Farthest North)
Linda Perhacs – Moons And Cattails (from Parallelograms)
Migrations In Rust – Cradled Under Fern (from Two Shadows)
The Space Lady – I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (from The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits)
FWY! – Irvine Spectrum (from HWY Trust)
Cestine – Lost In The Silver Ball (from Pressed)
Adrian Aniol – Obscura I (from Obscura)
Lad Un – Thawai Phaka Thi (Cambodia) (from Longing For The Past – The 78 RPM Era In Southeast Asia)
Radio Werewolf – Epiphany On The Freinberg (from The Vinyl Solution – Analog Artifacts: Ritual Instrumentals And Undercover Versions)
Richard Youngs – No Show For The Gloaming (from Barbed Wire Explosion In The Kingdom Of Atlantis)
Jumalhämärä – III (from Resitaali)
Arawak – Accadde A Harlem (from Accadde A…)
Stephen Vitiello & Molly Berg – Radio Flyby (from Between You And The Shapes You Take)
Arizona Dranes – Lamb’s Blood Has Washed Me Clean (from He Is My Story: The Sanctified Soul Of Arizona Dranes)
Faures – Magnetic Striping (from Continental Drift)
Black Sun Roof – Perfumed Pressure I (from 4 Black Suns & A Sinister Rainbow)
Jüppala Kääpiö – Kusabira (from Owlora Muskaria)
Haunter – Tionsivo Construct (from Ablesigh, 1992)

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