AGB Radio (March 3, 2014)

March 4, 2014

Had to balance out last week’s birthday pop fest with this dark & heavy shit.

AGB Radio 2014/03/03

/Background music/ Leucosis – Anaesthesia (from Leucosis)
Vindensång – Within The Womb Of Creation (from Alpha)
Grue – Casualty Of The Psychic Wars (from Casualty Of The Psychic Wars)
Unru – Ich Bin Der Hexenmeister (from Demo MMXIII)
Cult Of Fire – संहार रक्त काली (from मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान)
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Komm Zuruek Zu Mir (from Piano Nights)
Virile Games – Nailed To The Living Heart Of Heaven (from Wounded Laurel)
Geryon – De Profundis (from Geryon)
Mizmor – VII – Epistemological Rupture (from Hell / Mizmor Split)
Plack Blague – Beg To Blague (from EVIL)
Sunn O))) & Ulver – Western Horn (from Terrestrials)
Mondkopf – Hadès II (from Hadès)
Burnt Skull – Sewer Birth (from Sewer Birth)
Predatory Light – Changing Skins (from MMXIV)
Koenraad Ecker – Decline (from Ill Fares The Land)
Nadja – Mouths (from Queller)

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