AGB Radio (March 24, 2014)

March 25, 2014

The upcoming Saåad record is a fuckin doozy. Keep an eye out.

AGB Radio 2014/03/24

/Background music/ John Chantler – For Nuno (from Automatic Music, Volume II)
Ignatz & Harris Newman – I Will Bring You Buzzard Meat (from Bring You Buzzard Meat)
Ricardo Donoso – Affirmation (Paul Jebanasam Remix) (from Iron/Verse Remixes)
The Skull Defekts – King Of Misinformation (from Dances In Dreams Of The Known Unknown)
Jackie McDowell – Golden Fields (From Baptisia)
Love Cult Take Druss – Death Forever (from Yr Problems)
Pan Sonic – 7’06” (from Oksastus)
Angelo Harmsworth – Bulb II (from Fluxus Rainbow)
Bo Anders Persson – Invention I (from Love Is Here To Stay)
Symbol – Tracer (from Online Architecture)
D/P/I – WATCHYR.BACK3 (from 08.DD.15)
Talons’ – Part 2 (from MIDI Pillow)
Russell Haswell – Incalculable Harm (from 37 Minute Workout)
Tate Eskew – Egaster (from Oldowan)
Jóhann Jóhannsson – It’s Not Your Fault (from McCanick)
Diane Cluck – Heartloose (from Boneset)
Moss Garden – Strange Terrain (from In The Silence Of The Subconscious)
M. Sage – Red Dwarf In E (from Ceiling (Acoutic))
Saåad – Giant Mouth (from Deep/Float)

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