Hellvete – Ode (Deep Distance, 2014)

April 23, 2014

hellvete - ode album cover
Hellvete – Ode (A-201) (Deep Distance)


Hellvete is Glen Steenkiste‘s solo project, he’s one of the founders of Sylvester Anfang (and SA II), and he’s been cranking out some supremely amazing minimal drone records, Ode being his third LP, and it’s a fucking doozy, two side long pieces of deeeeep zoning, lush organic reed-ish drones that hang in the air like a lead shroud, dense & mystical, the sound of every atom vibrating in harmony, subtly shimmering in blissful hypnosis that’s fucking over the top beautiful, effortlessly heavenly, overwhelming with warmth & euphoria, this is aural enlightenment, serious transcendental shit, absolute fucking perfection. Only 300 copies. As essential as it gets.

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