AGB Radio (April 28, 2014) Label Spotlight: Experimedia

April 29, 2014

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Experimedia is one of my all-time favorite record labels. Non-stop amazing releases of all kinds. And a killer distro to boot. Sadly, the distro is on its way out, but the label will (hopefully) keep strong for a little while longer.

UPDATE: Distro isn’t shutting down anymore. Hooray!

AGB Radio 2014/04/28

/Background music/ Jeremy Bible – Gravel (from I Am Very Uncomfortable Most Of The Time)
Aaron Martin – Marked In Dust (from Worried About The Fire)
Piiptsjilling – Wurch Ljocht (Tired Light) (from Wurdskrieme)
Charles-Eric Charrier – 6 I (from Silver)
Lüüp – Taurokathapsia (from Meadow Rituals)
Black Swan – Part III (from In 8 Movements)
Black Swan – Drift Theory (from The Quiet Divide)
Jannick Schou – Everything Is Within You (from Act Of Shimmering)
Lawrence English – Frost’s Bitter Grip (from The Peregrine)
Keith Freund – For All Our Dead Pets (from Constant Comments)
Floris Vanhoof – Electronic Mantra (from Dolphins Into The Future / Floris Vanhoof Split)
From The Mouth Of The Sun – Like Shadows In An Empty Cathedral (from Woven Tide)
Celer – Repertoire Of Dinless Shifts (from Evaporate And Wonder)
Damian Valles – Movement II (from Nonparallel (In 4 Movements))
Superstorms – Part 3 (from Superstorms)
Ben Bennett – If You Want To Hear Some Definite Pitches, I’m Sure You Could Make Some Yourself Pretty Easily (from Spoilage)
Joshua Bonnetta – Strange Lines And Distances II (from Strange Lines And Distances)

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