AGB Radio (June 9, 2014)

June 10, 2014

Julianna Barwick has an EP made of samples from a beer factory and a new beer is named after the EP (or vice versa, whatever). Also Carl Hultgren from Windy & Carl released his first solo record!


AGB Radio 2014/06/09

/Background music/ Inutili – Drunk Of Colostro (from Music To Watch The Clouds On A Sunny Day)
Julianna Barwick – Two Moons (from Rosabi)
Nawa – Fasel Al Jalal (from Ancient Sufi Invocations & Forgotten Songs From Aleppo)
Alice Boman – What Are You Searching For (from EP II)
Wreck & Reference – Flies (from Want)
Emma Ruth Rundle – Savage Saint (from Some Heavy Ocean)
Carl Hultgren – Ledge (from Tomorrow)
Datashock – Fanta Morgana (from Keine Oase In Sicht)
Kemialliset Ystävät – Vettä Yarahille (from Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa)
Lee Noble – Fall Asleep (from Forming)
Bird People – Henbane (from Nightshades)
Mark Harris – Everything I Did Was Wrong (from The Angry Child)
Sontag Shogun – Tail (from Tale)
Lil Ugly Mane – Thought About Cutting My Face Off (from Absence Of Shitperson)
How To Disappear Completely – In Motion (from Oblivion/Rites)
Ezio Piermattei – Untitled 4 (from Turismo Dentale)
Seirom – I’m So Glad To Have Been A Part Of You (from And The Light Swallowed Everything)
Paco Sala – Sausalito (from Put Your Hands On Me)

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