Joseph McNultyI’m So Scared

Joseph McNulty is the same dude that had the insanely gorgeous debut The Earth, In Veins tape on SRA. Now he’s got another tape of blissy drones, this time on Roll Over Rover, and I’m pretty sure that means it’s official. McNulty is the fucking coolest.

Trail Running is a little different from his first tape in that instead of going 200% ethereal beauty, he mixed it up with some sound samples of people talking about weird shit like sports games, kids who don’t like coconuts, and FDR’s “Fear” speech. Also, Sean McCann (ROR honcho) lends a hand on a couple tracks and it’s a pretty sweet addition to McNulty’s style.

This is some seriously skyward stuff. Guitars & keyboards turn into mist and swirl around, being carried by the slightest gusts of wind. Hazy tones ease their way through cassette hiss & warble while celestial shimmer rains over everything. This is outstandingly euphoric drone that’s endlessly enchanting.

One of my favorite Eluvium songs is “As I Drift Off” from When I Live By The Garden And The Sea, partially because it uses a sample of Tom Hanks in The ‘Burbs. This whole tape reminds me of that song, the way the samples mix with the subtle drones. It’s so perfect. You definitely need to pick this tape up. It’s almost a given, especially because it’s 50 minutes for $6 and there’s only 100 of ’em made.

Charlotte Daniels & Pat Webb – Nobody’s Business

I love this record. Although I don’t know much about it. Apparently both Charlotte Daniels & Pat Webb were married and kinda big in the early ’60s urban folk music scene but I can’t find too much info about this particular album. I think this is the only collaboration they did and it was a one-off afternoon recording type thing, just picking songs off the top of their head to play together, which is what makes this so awesome.

It’s not especially folky. They play a mix of stuff, a lot of old blues, traditional ballads, and upbeat almost rockabilly tunes. Daniels has a fantastically order cialis india rich voice and Webb’s guitar picking is spot on. I can’t quite explain why this record does it for me, though. I’m pretty sure it has to do with the selection of songs and Daniels’ voice, but there’s something mysterious about it that makes it endlessly enjoyable.

This record, and dozens more, belonged to a family member who recently died. They were given to me to digitize so the rest of the family could listen to them. I plan on sharing some of the most interesting ones on AGB as well, so keep an eye out for old folk records popping up under the OOPs category.

Download Charlotte Daniels & Pat Webb

AvgrundenBeneath The Pyramids

Sweden might not be the first place you think of when you want to hear some new droney glacial doom metal but Avgrunden (Victor Granat) is doing his part to change your mind about that. Gremorian Chants is a fucking monolith of chugging drone that’s badass to the core.

The first track, “The Gate Of A Hundred Sorrows,” is a catatonic somber loop, very low key, no crushing chords or buzzing feedback. Just a lone guitar echoing through a frozen piece of shit wasteland. But it sets the tone for the entire 75 minute album. It’s not very dynamic, a guitar finds one riff that it digs its heals into, repeats it ad infinitum with varying yet minimal alterations, giving you a ridiculously hypnotic mantra to get lost in.

Granat takes his time, paces everything precisely, rushes nothing. The first hint of anything metal doesn’t show up until about halfway through the second track, when the tension and wind (literally) builds, you’re just waiting for the thunder, it slowly gets more & more intense, until the FX pedals kick in, the amps get cranked up, and it turns into a hulking monster of furious buzzing metal gloom. So fucking amazing.

But all of that is just a precursor, letting you get settled in for an additional hour of bestial reverb & howling slabs of sludge. This is loud, grim, & heavy to the fucking maxx, but still rooted in hypno drone. Walls of solid fuzz detailed with intricate patterns made for burning holes through your skull. The final track is almost a half hour long, a single massive riff exploding & crumbling into a black hole of pure awesome, making damn sure you’re completely incapacitated by the end of it.

Avgrunden is right up there with Sunn O))), Earth, & Aun in perfectly meshing mesmerizing knockout drone with brutal crushing metal. He clearly has a vision, and that vision might be a bit bleak but it’s definitely one that deserves to be in the hands of all those looking to turn their speakers into white hot molten puddles of goo while they try to find the meaning of life on the back of their eyelids.

Solo AndataCarving

You’ve no doubt seen plenty reviews and heard quite a bit of well deserved praise for Solo Andata’s new LP on Desire Path. And that kind of popularity is just the sort of thing I tend to shy away from at AGB. But you know what? Fuck it. Ritual is too goddamn good to pass up here.

These two dudes have made a seriously creepy fucking record. Granted, when you have an album called Ritual and you make some cover art like that up there, I suppose it’s to be expected. But still. There’s some weird shit going on here. The opening track is all cicadas and nighttime forest field recordings, setting the tone of wandering alone in the middle of nowhere hearing specters & haunted wind. It’s eerie as fuck, the kind of sounds that if I were to hear alone in the woods, regardless if the sun was up, I would immediately call the cops and start walking in the opposite direction.

The rest of the album is what order cialis canada would happen if you kept walking towards those sounds. You’d stumble upon a cloaked cult doing all sorts of crazy pagan shit, chanting while making crystal bowls sing and tearing out goat hearts to make goat heart stew for the black demons. The sounds they conjure are an anti-harmony ambience, an avant neo classical horror à la Eyes Wide Shut. Bubbling organics, rotting flesh, golden gongs, slowing heartbeats, piercing bowed cymbals, echoing footsteps, floating lights, shuffling dry leaves, a general hushed dread that’s utterly inescapable.

Strangely enough, despite the ominous nature of Ritual, it’s a very pleasurable listen. Yeah, it’s a bit nightmarish, but in a really beautiful way. Half doom, half chill ambient, with a solid drone core, it’s impossible to go wrong. Solo Andata “effing killed it” with Ritual, most likely in both the literal & metaphorical sense. You seriously want to pick this sweet piece up. Too bad you already missed out on the $600 edition.

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I planned ahead with this one. Made a playlist and everything. The only problem I have with that is not being able to fade songs in and out on the spot. Not sure I can get into that… I’m trying to get back in the swing of not sounding like a total loser when I talk on the air. It’s harder than I thought. So, don’t mind all of the stupid shit I ramble on about. Just enjoy this like a massive mixtape.

Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio 11/9
Squarepusher – Abstract Lover
Blue Water White Death – Nerd Future
Solo Andata – Myrmecia
Barn Owl – Ancestral Star
Braden J & The Family – Lately
Rambutan – Yellow Screen
Sway – Leigh Cheri
White Noise – The Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell
Peter Broderick – Awaken/Panic/Restraint
Nurse With Wound & Larsen – Cob-Kite Toy
Muslimgauze – Apricot Zoom Buddha
Philip Jeck – The Pilot (Among Our Shoals)
Steven Fors – One
The Charlotte Hornets – Pants
Children’s Children – the ground and sky
Sunken – Pint
Dog Hallucination – (untitled) track 9
Brian Eno – Slow Ice, Old Moon
Max Tundra – Which Song
Sun City Girls – Blue West
Zanzibar Snails – Vainly Clutching (at Feng Shui)
Felix & Volcano! – You’re Nobody Till Somebody Writes A Wikipedia Article About You
Numbers – Fly On The Window
Apollo Vermouth – Florida II
Avgrunden – The Gate Of A Hundred Sorrows
Taylor Deupree – Haze It May Be

Yoshimi Battles The Massive Radicchio

DucktailsWelcome Home (I’m Back)

Let me welcome you to the brand new home of Anti-Gravity Bunny. Gone is the Blogger bullshit. This is mine. I own it. I’m making it as awesome as I want and I’m starting off with a picture of my tiny bunny destroying a massive head of radicchio. There’s some symbolism there but I’m too lazy to figure out what it means.

This new site is infinitely sexier, while being 100% easier to use and a zillion times less cluttered. Let me give you a brief tour.

The “Album Reviews” and stuff on the right are links to those categories, and each category has an icon. I won’t be saying things like “Haiku Review” or “Video” in the post title anymore, it’ll just be indicated by the icon next to the title. The “Venue Info” is a list of Boston area venues, promoters, forums, etc. All the places where you can get the rundown on what’s happening around Boston. The “Artist” and other drop down menus are just another easy way to browse the site if you’re looking for certain topics. A list of my blog pals, as well as where I buy & download order cialis in south africa music, can be found on the “About” page.

I’m not going to have all of the previous posts from Blogger moved over here. I would die before I got them all reformatted to look decent. So I just put the most recent post from each category up so you can have a little something to browse and see what everything will be like. If you ever want to reminisce about an old review or you changed your mind and really want to download that Milieu mp3, you need to go to the old Blogger site.

Then there’s the concert calendar. It’s the one piece that isn’t totally finished. You can use it to find shows and everything, I’m still updating it, it just looks like ass right now and I’m not entirely sure how to change that. So the concert calendar will be a work in progress.

So please, dance around, have some fun, check (and test) shit out. I’m curious as to how everybody likes it (and if everything works ok). Feel free to comment or e-mail letting me know how fucking great it is.

Onto the future!