AGB Radio (November 30, 2015) – Top 15 Metal Countdown

December 1, 2015

my disco - severe album cover


Number 15 (Mamaleek) had to be background music because I couldn’t not play “The Deluge” or “Somniloquy” and everything else was basically the shortest song on the record, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Check out the full list with reviews.


AGB Radio 2015/11/30 – Top 15 Metal Countdown

Background music: Mamaleek – Already There (from Via Dolorosa)

00:00:00 False – The Deluge (from Untitled)
00:11:21 Talk break
00:12:20 My Disco – 1991 (from Severe)
00:14:54 Liturgy – Follow (from The Ark Work)
00:18:24 Panopticon – Into The North Woods (from Autumn Eternal)
00:24:43 Dragged Into Sunlight & Gnaw Their Tongues – Strangled With The Cord (from N.V.)
00:30:00 Talk break
00:30:50 Vampillia & The Body – Cold Bark Bite (from xoroAHbin)
00:35:53 Deafheaven – Gifts For The Earth (from New Bermuda)
00:44:08 Bosse-de-Nage – In A Yard Somewhere (from All Fours)
00:49:51 Gates – Throne Of Light (from Palace Of Mirrors)
00:56:12 Locrian – The Future Of Death (from Infinite Dissolution)
00:59:48 Talk break
01:00:57 Wrekmeister Harmonies – Run Priest Run (Extended) (from Night Of Your Ascension)
01:17:41 Lamentations Of The Ashen – A Profane Illvmination (Convvlsionaries Of Temporal Heterodoxy) (from Libertine Cyst)
01:29:48 Talk break
01:30:26 Big Brave – (from Au De La)
01:36:35 Bell Witch – Suffocation, A Drowning: II – Somniloquy (The Distance Of Forever) (from Four Phantoms)
01:59:29 Talk break

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