AGB Radio (June 6, 2016) – Best Of 2016 So Far

June 7, 2016

homler and moshier - breadwoman album cover

I could have easily done two or three episodes filled with my favorite stuff that’s come out this year, there’s already so goddamn much. Mamiffer & Troller though you guys. BFF4L


AGB Radio 2016/06/06

Background music: The Field – Pink Sun (from The Follower)

00:00:00 Troller – Nothing (from Graphic)
00:06:28 Talk break
00:07:43 Nested – “What A Beautiful World This Will Be.” (from Nested 3)
00:14:10 Paul Jebanasam – eidolons beginning p = (m²A ² am to (rho-z)-y ∂t+(ᵨ see to wait dz/dt = it xy that I -beta* do not z countless (from Continuum)
00:24:01 Braeyden Jae – Vanishing Procession (from Fog Mirror)
00:30:19 Talk break
00:31:15 Matt Carlson, Michael Stirling, & Doug Theriault – Mishra Bhairavi (from Aakash)
00:49:35 Andrew Tuttle – Registration (from Fantasy League)
00:52:06 Anna Homler & Steve cheap real cialis Moshier – Gu She’ Na’ Di (from Breadwoman & Other Tales)
00:57:34 Ash Koosha – In Line (from I AKA I)
00:59:56 Talk break
01:00:58 La Tène – Marche De Fahy (from Vouerca/Fahy)
01:20:45 Roly Porter – High Places (from Third Law)
01:25:47 Nekrasov – Your Are Not Bliss, You Are Not Free (from Negative Temple)
01:29:41 Talk break
01:30:31 Mamiffer – Flower Of The Field II (from The World Unseen)
01:34:15 Lake Of Violet – Please Stay Longer (from The Startling Testimony Of Plumb Lines)
01:37:48 Architeuthis Rex – Fallen (from Stilbon Is Dead)
01:43:10 Surachai – Exhale Death (from Instinct And Memory)
01:47:07 Andy Stott – Selfish (from Too Many Voices)
01:51:39 Tim Hecker – Collapse Sonata (from Love Streams)
01:55:51 Julianna Barwick – Wist (from Will)
01:58:31 Talk break

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