AGB Radio (June 13, 2016)

June 14, 2016

ISORINNE - No Strength of Sun (web1500)

Lots of guitars in this episode, but then there’s the black metal & black spiritual insanity from Zeal And Ardor and the warm harmonium drone from Accident Du Travail, so A+ all around I’d say.


AGB Radio 2016/06/13

Background music: Baccille – Howl, Youth Pigs (from Guerin Et Medecin)

00:00:00 Zeal And Ardor – In Ashes (from Devil Is Fine)
00:02:29 Talk break
00:03:49 William Ryan Fritch – Our Strange Progression (from Clean War)
00:08:48 Psychic Ills – Ra Wah Wah (from Inner Journey Out)
00:17:55 Isorinne – Gate Of Sleep order cialis 20 mg (from No Strength Of Sun)
00:29:15 Talk break
00:30:06 Kikagaku Moyo – Silver Owl (from House In The Tall Grass)
00:40:09 Rhys Chatham – Part One (from Pythagorean Dream)
00:59:12 Talk break
01:00:05 Sleepyhead – D. (from D.)
01:19:04 Accident Du Travail – Marriage (from Très Précieux Sang)
01:27:15 Talk break
01:28:05 Landing – Morning Sun (from Third Sight)
01:42:27 William Tyler – Kingdom Of Jones (from Modern Country)
01:45:48 Western Skies Motel – Transformation (from Settlers)
01:50:42 Morgen Wurde – Dachte Immer (from Brach Auf)
01:58:33 Talk break

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