Postdrome – Where The King Will Land (BLWBCK, 2013)

June 13, 2013

postdrome - where the king will land album cover
PostdromeSteam (BLWBCK)

Killer droner Postdrome (aka Charlie Floyd) hits hard with this new full length, taking you to dark & gorgeous places, this is some impeccable shit with smoothed out angel choir bliss, hushed sonar reverb, scratchy digital glitch, deep resonant thrum, and blastin rowdy as fuck feedback sounding like the earth is crumbling under your feet as you stand on top of a cliffside, tidal waves crashing below, minimally layered tones that ebb & flow with human emotion, delicately textured with the utmost precision, a heavenly euphoric weave of sonic perfection that is the essence of bittersweet. Huge sounds, mini sounds, a veritable buffet of all the finest drones money can buy, this is beauty incarnate. Floyd has given us his best, and his best is the fucking BEST.

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