So much crazy cool stuff! Lesbian anarchist rage, new Arkbro organ chords mixed with a Fullman & Lee collaboration, Indonesian folkloric doom drone, new Davachi mixed with a dude ranting about demons and witchcraft, a Derbyshire bootleg, “beauty” instructions from 1961, Popol Vuh & Krallice reissues, an Argentinian epic poem, and some perpetually underrated doom folk from Colorado.

Air date: July 17, 2019

Background music: Spires That In The Sunset Rise – I Am Sewn (from Spires That In The Sunset Rise)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:02:45 Krallice – Monolith Of Possession (from Dimensional Bleedthrough)
00:21:17 Kathy Fire – Mother Rage (from Songs Of Fire: Songs Of A Lesbian Anarchist)
00:25:38 Talk break
00:30:01 Ellen Arkbro – Chords For Organ (from Chords)
00:34:00 Ellen Fullman & Okkyung Lee – Part II (from The Air Around Her)
00:46:37 José Hernández read by Roberto Garcia Pinto – Cantos 6 & 7 (from El Gaucho Martín Fierro)
00:54:19 Senyawa – Penjuru Menyatu (from Sujud)
01:02:00 Talk break
01:04:54 Velnias – Sovereign Nocturnal (from Sovereign Nocturnal)
01:18:33 Popol Vuh – Song Of Earth (from Spirit Of Peace)
01:26:50 Talk break
01:28:55 Sarah Davachi – If It Pleased Me To Appear To You Wrapped In This Drapery (from Pale Bloom)
01:30:42 Foundation Base / Rouge & Powder / Lipstick & Eye Shado (from The Sound Of Beauty)
01:36:38 Side A (from Mauvais Oeil, Djinns, Sorcellerie)
01:50:58 Delia Derbyshire – Colour (from The Dreams)
02:00:08 Talk break

Felix Blume - Fog Horns album cover
Very excited to have a record entirely comprised of fog horn field recordings. Mix that with Mexican mushroom ceremonies? That’s what this show is all about.

Also, got the new Panopticon, House & Land, and Jon Mueller records, all of which are spectacular.
Air date: July 10, 2019

Background music: Cruel Diagonals – Liminal Placement (from Disambiguation)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:02:50 Panopticon – The Crescendo Of Dusk / The Labyrinth (from The Crescendo Of Dusk)
00:24:25 Arizona Dranes – In That Day (from Southern Sanctified Singers)
00:27:17 Talk break
00:30:47 Félix Blume – Fog Horns (from Fog Horns)
00:32:00 Maria Sabína – Side B (from Mushroom Ceremony Of The Mazatec Indians Of Mexico)
00:51:15 House And Land – Carolina Lady (from Across The Field)
00:59:55 Talk break
01:04:28 Jon Mueller – Oil (from Canto)
01:06:22 Jacques Chicoineau – Chablis / (from Menu French And Wine Labels)
01:20:02 Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes – Ame Debout (from Ame Debout)
01:27:49 Sister Margaret Grace – Nobody Knows (from Songfully Yours)
01:29:38 Talk break
01:34:03 Eight Bells – Landless (from Landless)
01:46:52 Alessandro Moreschi – Calzanera: Oremus Pro Pontifice / The Voice Of Pope Leo XIII (from The Last Castrato)
01:51:50 Almeda Riddle – A Man Of Constant Sorrow (from Ballads And Hymns From The Ozarks)
01:56:23 Ogoya Nengo & The Dodo Women’s Group – Owano Ojwang / Jawend Peke (from On Mande)
02:06:06 Talk break

Magic moon music alongside Haitian vodun rites, sacred harp songs, self-hypnosis, weirdo prog metal, and early German outsider synth experiments.
Air date: July 3, 2019

Background music: Aaron Martin – Open Knee (from Worried About The Fire)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:02:45 Dreadnought – The Waking Realm (from Emergence)
00:16:20 Mohammed Wardi – Al Sourah (from Two Niles To Sing A Melody: The Violins & Synths Of Sudan)
00:25:17 Talk break
00:28:17 Twinsistermoon – Then Fell The Ashes (from Then Fell The Ashes)
00:30:17 Unknown musicians from Mariani, Haiti – Side B (from Vodun-Rada Rite For Erzulie)
00:52:42 Velma Johnson & The Alabama Sacred Harp Singers – The Last Words Of Copernicus (from All Day Singing From The Sacred Harp)
00:55:15 Talk break
00:58:40 Lord Time – Side B (from Black Hole At The End Of The Tunnel)
01:17:23 Roberto Musci – Tantric Hymns (from The Loa Of Music)
01:22:06 David “Honeyboy” Edwards – Blue World All The Time (from Mississippi Delta Bluesman)
01:25:41 Talk break
01:28:15 Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma – Intemporel / Harmonium Odyssey / Le Temps Spiral (from Intemporel)
01:30:10 Arthur Sontged – Side C (from Are You Ready To Use Self-Hypnotism To Make Life Give You What You Want?)
01:50:27 Ursula Bogner – Soloresonanzen (from Recordings 1969-1988)
01:55:36 Talk break

mayday album cover
I love Harry & The Potters so much. Their new record is fucking awesome. Please listen to it.
Air date: June 26, 2019

Background music: Sam Hamilton – F.T.M.D.B.O.P. (from Pala)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:01:34 Dark Buddha Rising – E S O (from Inversum)
00:24:40 Blind Mamie Forehand – Wouldn’t Mind Dying (from Negro Religious Music, Vol. 2: The Sanctified Singers – Part II)
00:28:44 Talk break
00:32:30 Grey Daturas & Yellow Swans – Side C (from Copper / Silver)
00:34:45 Reno Emergency (Second Part) / Redmond Emergency (from Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!)
00:54:60 Master Boot Record – DMA 0 DRAM REFRESH (from Direct Memory Access)
00:59:43 Talk break
01:02:34 Machakos Party – Meselou (from Bellyachers, Listen: Songs From East Africa, 1938-46)
01:05:42 Ilhan Mimaroglu – Music Plus One For Violin Solo And Electromagnetic Tape, 1970 (from The Avant Garde Violin)
01:16:22 Harry And The Potters – The Stone / The Wand (from Lumos)
01:30:09 Talk break
01:34:13 William Basinski – Side B (from On Time Out Of Time)
01:36:37 Margaret Mead – Anthropology As A Career / Primitive Societies / Morals (from Interview With Dr. Margaret Mead, Anthropologist)
01:53:56 Medusa – Ashes & Glass (from Divine Malice)
01:58:16 Talk break

the farm album cover
Coupling Kupper with farm animal sounds might be some of the nuttiest stuff heard on A Thick Mist.
Air date: June 19, 2019

Background music: Brandon Nickell – Progenitor – (from The Art Of Memory)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:02:08 Xasthur – Nocturnal Poisoning (from Nocturnal Poisoning)
00:17:04 Sleepytime Gorilla Musem – Babydoctor (from Of Natural History)
00:31:25 Talk break
00:35:11 Henry Scott & Group – Hammer Ring (from Wake Up Dead Man: Black Convict Work Songs From Texas Prisons)
00:41:58 Léo Kupper – Kouros Et Korê (from Electronic Works & Voices 1961-1979)
00:44:30 Side B (from The Farm)
01:02:00 Talk break
01:05:55 Big Brave – Body Individual (from A Gaze Among Them)
01:16:15 Those Who Walk Away – Third Degraded Hymn (from The Infected Mass)
01:24:54 Levi Mulladzhanov – Kazharnai Sarvinoz (from The Secret Museum Of Mankind: Central Asia – Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48)
01:27:30 Talk break
01:32:27 The Master Musicians Of Joujouka – Side B (from Into The Ahl Srif)
01:33:40 Side B (from Learn While You Sleep: Basic Conditioner)
01:47:47 Kenny Baker – Dusty’s Hornpipe (from Kenny Baker Country)
01:50:00 Menace Ruine – One Too Many (from The Die Is Cast)
01:57:39 Talk break

China's Instrumental Heritage album cover
Played Nixon’s resignation speech and pretended I was actually listening to the current president. One can dream.
Air date: June 12, 2019

Background music: Fis – Mildew Swoosh (from Preparations)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:02:47 Arkhtinn – Side A (from 最初の災害)
00:24:28 Dock Boggs – Pretty Polly (from RBF 654)
00:27:31 Talk break
00:32:44 Eluvium – Untitled Music For A Record Player (from Pianoworks)
00:42:00 Richard Nixon – President Nixon Resignation (from Resignation Of A President – August 8, 1974)
00:45:56 Black To Comm – The Courtesan Jigokudayū Sees Herself As A Skeleton In The Mirror Of Hell (from Seven Horses For Seven Kings)
00:56:00 Sarah Davachi – Waking (from Gave In Rest)
00:58:44 Talk break
01:01:30 Jon Mueller & James Plotkin – Subvocal (from Terminal Velocity)
01:03:00 Unknown musicians – End Of The Tarhib / Invocation of the Divine Name / The Sacred Dance (Al-Hadrah – The Presence) (from Islamic Liturgy)
01:15:00 Tony Aless & His Quartet, narrated by Rosemary Rice – Abdomen / Neck & Throat / Hips & Thighs (from Good Housekeeping’s Plan For Reducing The Sporting Way)
01:21:28 One Master – A Cursed And Dismal Mind (from Reclusive Blasphemy)
01:30:15 Talk break
01:33:48 A.S.M. – Gem (from Fantasy Boyfriend)
01:37:43 Drowse – Internal World (from Light Mirror)
01:43:38 Professor Liang Tsai-Ping & His Group – The Farewell (from China’s Instrumental Heritage)
01:46:29 Major Franklin – Forked Deer (from Texas Fiddle Favorites)
01:48:24 Sarah Louise – Nighttime Birds And Morning Stars (from Nighttime Birds And Morning Stars)
01:56:56 Talk break

Not sure why Dead To A Dying World isn’t on top of the world yet. Or why I haven’t heard anyone talk about the Alanis Obomsawin reissue from Constellation. That record is fucking phenomenal.
Air date: June 5, 2019

Background music: Ucc Harlo – Lyricist Of Panic (from United)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:04:14 Monarch – Lilith (from Never Forever)
00:24:07 Lonnie Johnson – Lonesome Ghost Blues (from Woke Up This Morning Blues In My Fingers (Original Recordings 1927-1932))
00:27:17 Talk break
00:31:08 Alanis Obomsawin – Of The Earth And The Sea / Théo / Nzi Waldam (from Bush Lady)
00:48:44 Mahlathini – Kumnandi Emgababa (from The Lion Of Soweto)
00:51:46 Benny Thomasson – Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down (from Country Fiddling From The Big State)
00:55:14 Alfred Apaka – My Isle Of Golden Dreams (from My Isle Of Golden Dreams)
00:57:35 Talk break
01:01:06 Arktau Eos – Side B (from VI: Catacomb Resonator)
01:03:45 Side B (excerpt) (from Marches, Songs, Speeches Nazi Germany – WW II Hitler’s Inferno – Vol. 2)
01:18:38 Nathan Bowles – The Road Reversed (from Plainly Mistaken)
01:29:06 Talk break
01:31:18 Dead To A Dying World – Of Moss And Stone (from Elegy)
01:46:53 Jason Urick – Don’t Digital (from I Love You)
01:57:33 Talk break

Wayyyyy psyched about the Efrim & Doria collaboration, it’s so fucking good. Also, thought it would be fun to pair a dark ambient record titled Nature Is Satan’s Church with a Christian sermon. It turned out pretty well.
Air date: May 29, 2019

Background music: Max Eilbacher – Did The Surfer Survive? (from Red Anxiety Tracers)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:03:19 Body Void – Die Off (from You Will Know The Fear You Forced Upon Us)
00:22:30 Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria – A Humming Void An Emptied Place (from …Are Sing Sinck, Sing)
00:28:40 Talk break
00:32:13 A Story Of Rats – II (Forms) (from Thought Forms)
00:36:21 Frank Lloyd Wright – Side B (from On Record)
00:48:08 Baker / Coloccia / Mueller – See Through (from See Through)
00:59:45 Talk break
01:02:41 The Devil’s Anvil – Isme (from Hard Rock From The Middle East)
01:08:34 Unknown musicians – Side B (excerpt) (from The Unexpurgated Folk Songs Of Men)
01:19:56 James Place – Known City (from Still Waves To A Whisper)
01:27:27 Talk break
01:32:49 Sutekh Hexen – SubStratus (from Sutekh Hexen)
01:42:00 Theologian & The Vomit Arsonist – Prologue / Grief (from Nature Is Satan’s Church)
01:43:00 Rev. C. L. Franklin – Side A (from The Prodigal Son)
01:59:14 Talk break

oswald self portrait in red album cover
This is the 100th episode of A Thick Mist. I didn’t do anything special because I didn’t realize until after I’d done the show. Anyway, lots of cool shit, including the new Sunn O))). I’m wayyyyy into the end set with Mohné’s concréte glitch mixed with black women singing a capella penitentiary blues in the ’30s.
Air date: May 22, 2019

Background music: Alan Licht – Currents (from Currents)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:03:07 Crowhurst – Modern Living On A Savage Planet (from Aghoree)
00:16:28 Scott Dunbar – Vicksburg Blues (from From Lake Mary)
00:22:50 Ashig Garib – Orta Saritel (from Mountains Of Tongues: Musical Dialects Of The Caucasus)
00:27:08 Talk break
00:30:44 Sunn O))) – Novæ (from Life Metal)
00:32:32 “Conversations Carte Blanche” Second Segment / Oswald, A Profile From Life (from Oswald: Self-Portrait In Red)
00:56:09 Lil McClintock – Mother Called Her Child To Her Dying Bed (from Negro Religious Music, Vol. 1 – The Sanctified Singers, Part 1)
00:59:14 Talk break
01:02:32 Chatur Lal – 7 Bits & 13 Bits (Tal Rupak & Jaiy Tal) (from The Drums Of India)
01:05:21 Julius Eastman – Evil Nigger (from Evil Nigger / Gay Guerilla)
01:26:34 Matokie Slaughter – Johnny’s Gone To War (from More Clawhammer Banjo Songs & Tunes From The Mountains)
01:28:50 Talk break
01:32:33 Horseback & Locrian – Our Epitaph (from New Dominions)
01:40:00 Achim Mohné – L’Inertie Polaire (from Accelerated Standstill)
01:48:08 Eva White – No Mo Freedom / Mattie Mae Thomas – No Mo Freedom / Beatrice Perry, Leana Johnson & Mary Parks – Where Have You Been John Billy? / Elinor Boyer – Gonna Need My Help Some Day / Edna Taylor & Group – Susie Gal / Group – Go Way Devil, Leave Me Alone / Mary James – Make The Devil Leave Me Alone (from Jailhouse Blues)
02:00:02 Talk break

symphony of the birds album cover
Sect Pig is pure insanity.
Air date: May 15, 2019

Background music: Suzanne Ciani – Paris 1971 (from Lixiviation: Ciani/Musica Inc. 1969-1985)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:03:35 Sect Pig – Crooked Backs (from Crooked Backs)
00:20:24 Glenn Jones – In Durance Vile (from Fleeting)
00:24:57 Talk break
00:29:20 Aby Ngana Diop – Ndame (from Liital)
00:35:50 Venetian Snares & Daniel Lanois – United P92 (from Venetian Snares & Daniel Lanois)
00:45:23 Johan Dalgas Frisch – Tico Tico (from Symphony Of The Birds)
00:47:57 Mount Eerie – Distortion (from (after))
00:58:55 Talk break
01:03:24 Pussygutt – Gathering Strengths (Silence Within) (from Gathering Strengths)
01:22:23 Steven Halpern & Georgia Kelly – Apollo’s Lyre (from Ancient Echoes)
01:22:55 Punctuation Skills (excerpt) (from BBP Speed Dictation Program)
01:30:05 Talk break
01:33:23 Joseph Falcon & Cleoma Breaux (Falcon) – The Waltz That Carried Me To My Grave (from Louisiana Cajun Music, Volume 1: First Recordings – The 1920s)
01:36:19 Ustad Ali Akbar Khan – Raga Bairagi (from Pre-Dawn To Sunrise Ragas)
01:37:33 Phurpa – Yan-Drub, Long Life, Mu-Ye (from Teachings Of Eastern Traditions)
01:56:35 The Foot Hill Boys – Days Of Grey And Black (from Bluegrass From The Carolina Mountains)
02:00:36 Talk break

glossolalia - gift of tongues album cover
Dead Man mixed with Phillips’ Mutations worked insanely well. Also got the debut from Arkhtinn-related Mahr, Meyer Kupferman’s avant-garde classical, the other Kevin Shields, and some anonymous dude speaking in tongues while Joel Andrews goes to town on his harp meditations.
Air date: May 8, 2019

Background music: Pete Swanson – U.O.B. (from Where I Was)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:03:37 Vilkacis – Boundless Spell Of Realization / Beyond The Mortal Gate (from Beyond The Mortal Gate)
00:21:50 Kevin Shields – 6.05.06 (from False Prophet)
00:30:48 Talk break
00:34:10 Carlos Puebla – Soy Del Pueblo (from Cuba: Songs For Our America)
00:36:57 Neil Young – 6-8 (from Dead Man Soundtrack)
00:37:22 Dave Phillips & Cornelia Hesse-Honegger – Side A (from Mutations)
00:54:10 Jimmy Swaggart – Side B (excerpt) (from Flying Missiles, Atomic Bombs, And The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ)
00:57:53 Talk break
01:03:00 Mahr – Hypnophobia (from Antelux)
01:16:46 Meyer Kupferman, performed by the Japan Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Akeo Watanabe – Ostinato Burlesco (from The Music Of Meyer Kupferman – I)
01:25:10 Talk break
01:29:48 Ewan MacColl – Through Moorfields (from The Manchester Angel)
01:32:02 Joel Andrews – Side A (from The Violet Flame)
01:33:15 Side B (from The Gift Of Tongues – Glossolalia)
01:51:50 Phew – White Lounge, So Bright (from Voice Hardcore)
01:58:22 Talk break

willow album cover
Willow & The Caretaker, delayed flutes & Khrushchev, a banjo version of “House Of The Rising Sun,” and other fun stuff.
Air date: May 1, 2019
Background music: Emptyset – Side B (from Signal)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:03:12 Mare Cognitum – Ephemeral Eternities (from Phobos Monolith)
00:18:13 Michael Andrews – I’m Not Following You (from Me And You And Everyone We Know Soundtrack)
00:21:22 Mississippi John Hurt – Talking Casey (from Today!)
00:26:36 Talk break
00:30:54 James Horner And The London Symphony Orchestra – Side B (excerpt) (The Story Of Willow)
00:32:30 The Caretaker – Long Decline Is Over (from Everywhere At The End Of Time – Stage 6)
00:48:08 MGM Studio Orchestra And The Gregg Smith Singers conducted by Lawrence Foster – Side B (excerpt) (from The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich)
00:58:07 Talk break
01:03:08 Breag Naofa – X (from II)
01:13:35 Sons Of The Purple Sage – Ghost Riders In The Sky (from At Western Campfires)
01:16:06 Hubert Smith – This Is Bermuda (from The Best Of Hubert Smith)
01:18:05 Roscoe Holcomb – The Rising Sun (from The Music Of Roscoe Holcomb And Wade Ward)
01:21:57 Misþyrming – Söngur Heiftar (from Söngvar Elds Og Óreiðu)
01:26:47 Talk break
01:30:20 Kay Gardner – Soul Flight (from Moods & Rituals)
01:32:50 Khrushchev In America (excerpt) (from Eisenhower In Asia Khrushchev In America)
01:42:35 Ship’s Orchestra – Untitled (B1) (from Music Around The World)
01:50:31 Dorothy Remsen – Six Noels (from Harpist)
01:58:11 Talk break

how to overcome discouragement album cover
Dick Justice sounds like the leader of some anti-feminist incel group.
Air date: April 17, 2019

Background music: Dick Hyman – Kolumbo (from The Age Of Electronicus)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:04:32 Xasthur – Murdered Echoes Of The Mind / Exit (from Telepathic With The Deceased)
00:17:05 Dick Justice – Brown Skin Blues (from Mountain Blues)
00:20:18 Elizabeth Colour Wheel – Hide Behind (from Nocebo)
00:27:47 Blind Gary Davis – Death Is Riding Every Day (from The Singing Reverend)
00:30:38 Talk break
00:35:58 Julius Eastman – Side B (from Crazy Nigger)
00:38:36 Claire Bloom & Osian Ellis – Side B (from Tristan And Iseult)
01:05:32 Talk break
01:09:47 Georgia Slim Rutland & Big Howdy Forrester – Devils Dream (from Twin Fiddling)
01:12:23 Nortt – Hedengang / Glemt (from Nortt / Xasthur split)
01:17:00 MB / RS – Homes In Paris / The Brighter Side Of Fucking History (from Black Box Recordings)
01:23:07 J. Martin Kohe – Fear Is Uncertainty (from How To Overcome Discouragement)
01:30:27 Talk break
01:34:34 Mazowsze – Szeroko Daleko Listek Na Jaworze (from Mazowse: The Polish Song And Dance Ensemble, Vol. 5)
01:36:37 Stewart Robb – La Capricciosa Theme And Thirty One Variations (from Music For The Harpsichord And Virginal)
01:39:00 Matthew Robert Cooper & Peter Ray Broderick – I Am Light, I Am Darkness / I Am Darkness, I Am Light (from I Am Darkness, I Am Light)
01:46:00 Josh Mason – Crack The Juice Code / Clock In / Key Blight (from Coquina Dose)
02:02:40 Talk break

Got a couple of old school country gals, a new Hell song slowed down to 33, interviews with sex workers, and a layered double dose of black ambient courtesy of Post Scriptvm and Common Eider, King Eider.
Air date: March 6, 2019

Background music: Yair Elazar Glotman – On Forgetting (Prelude) (from Études)

00:00:00 Jeannie C. Riley – Satan Place (from Harper Valley P.T.A.)
00:03:18 Talk break
00:07:14 Hell – Nuumen (from Primitve Man / Hell split)
00:20:34 Obray Ramsey – The Battle Of King’s Mountain (from Folksongs From The Three Laurels)
00:23:27 Miserable featuring Drowse – Salt Water (from Uncontrollable)
00:28:37 Talk break
00:32:07 2:13PM – Pascal (from Matkormano)
00:33:47 Unknown musicians – Kol Nidre (All Our Promises) (from Kol Nidre In Moscow)
00:52:22 Astronoid – Beyond The Scope (from Astronoid)
00:58:15 Talk break
01:02:30 Paysage D’Hiver – Einkehr (from Einsamkeit)
01:17:59 Rufus Thibodeaux – Silver Lake Blues (from The Cajun Country Fiddle Of Rufus Thibodeaux)
01:20:07 Kitty Wells – The Great Speckled Bird (from Dust On The Bible)
01:22:26 Tennessee Ernie Ford And The San Quentin Prison Choir – “Are Ye Able,” Said The Master (from We Gather Together)
01:26:06 Talk break
01:30:12 Windy & Carl – La Douleur (from Songs For the Broken Hearted)
01:31:33 Part 2 (from Sex Is My Business)
01:43:44 Common Eider, King Eider – Remembrance: A Threnody (from A Wound Of Body)
01:47:30 Post Scriptvm – The Binding / Vox Calamantis (from Gauze)
01:56:40 Talk break
01:59:55 Uncle Dave Macon – Don’t Get Weary Children (from Old Time Classics: A Collection Of Mountain Banjo Songs & Tunes)

Got some vintage BCM, a couple young girls singing about dead babies, and some strange sounds about and dedicated to the O’Hare International Airport.
Air date: February 27, 2019

Background music: Gonçalo Penas – A Besta / Quanto Mais Me Bates (from Ego De Espinhos)

00:00:00 Kevin Roth – Dry Bones (from Somebody Give Me Direction)
00:02:25 Talk break
00:06:03 Abstracter – Wings Of Annihilation (from Cinereous Incarnate)
00:16:55 Shirley Collins – The Death Of Nelson / Coronation Jig (from Adieu To Old England)
00:25:35 Talk break
00:33:58 Sarah Hennies performed by Lenka Novosedlíková – Side B (from Sisters)
00:36:26 Dr. Jack Van Impe – Side B (from The Great Escape!)
00:53:50 Hoor-Paar-Kraat – Descensus In Cuniculi Cavum (from A Doorbell Of Earbows For Brefix)
01:01:39 Talk break
01:04:45 Fórn – Dolor (Parts I And II) (from Weltschmerz)
01:16:37 Klagetoh Singers – A1-A8 (from Navajo Round Dance)
01:17:07 Birchville Cat Motel – Damn Infinity Hairtie / Four Freckle Constellation (from Four Freckle Constellation)
01:30:21 Talk break
01:34:07 Ed McCurdy – Naomi Wise (from The Ballad Record)
01:36:50 Fripp & Eno – An Index Of Metals (from Evening Star)
01:38:30 Buck Warren – Side B (from From: Poet Buck Warren To: O’Hare International)
02:04:15 Talk break
02:06:40 The Whitfield Girls – Babes In The Woods (from The Rackensack Volume II)