how to overcome discouragement album cover
Dick Justice sounds like the leader of some anti-feminist incel group.
Air date: April 17, 2019

Background music: Dick Hyman – Kolumbo (from The Age Of Electronicus)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:04:32 Xasthur – Murdered Echoes Of The Mind / Exit (from Telepathic With The Deceased)
00:17:05 Dick Justice – Brown Skin Blues (from Mountain Blues)
00:20:18 Elizabeth Colour Wheel – Hide Behind (from Nocebo)
00:27:47 Blind Gary Davis – Death Is Riding Every Day (from The Singing Reverend)
00:30:38 Talk break
00:35:58 Julius Eastman – Side B (from Crazy Nigger)
00:38:36 Claire Bloom & Osian Ellis – Side B (from Tristan And Iseult)
01:05:32 Talk break
01:09:47 Georgia Slim Rutland & Big Howdy Forrester – Devils Dream (from Twin Fiddling)
01:12:23 Nortt – Hedengang / Glemt (from Nortt / Xasthur split)
01:17:00 MB / RS – Homes In Paris / The Brighter Side Of Fucking History (from Black Box Recordings)
01:23:07 J. Martin Kohe – Fear Is Uncertainty (from How To Overcome Discouragement)
01:30:27 Talk break
01:34:34 Mazowsze – Szeroko Daleko Listek Na Jaworze (from Mazowse: The Polish Song And Dance Ensemble, Vol. 5)
01:36:37 Stewart Robb – La Capricciosa Theme And Thirty One Variations (from Music For The Harpsichord And Virginal)
01:39:00 Matthew Robert Cooper & Peter Ray Broderick – I Am Light, I Am Darkness / I Am Darkness, I Am Light (from I Am Darkness, I Am Light)
01:46:00 Josh Mason – Crack The Juice Code / Clock In / Key Blight (from Coquina Dose)
02:02:40 Talk break

Got a couple of old school country gals, a new Hell song slowed down to 33, interviews with sex workers, and a layered double dose of black ambient courtesy of Post Scriptvm and Common Eider, King Eider.
Air date: March 6, 2019

Background music: Yair Elazar Glotman – On Forgetting (Prelude) (from Études)

00:00:00 Jeannie C. Riley – Satan Place (from Harper Valley P.T.A.)
00:03:18 Talk break
00:07:14 Hell – Nuumen (from Primitve Man / Hell split)
00:20:34 Obray Ramsey – The Battle Of King’s Mountain (from Folksongs From The Three Laurels)
00:23:27 Miserable featuring Drowse – Salt Water (from Uncontrollable)
00:28:37 Talk break
00:32:07 2:13PM – Pascal (from Matkormano)
00:33:47 Unknown musicians – Kol Nidre (All Our Promises) (from Kol Nidre In Moscow)
00:52:22 Astronoid – Beyond The Scope (from Astronoid)
00:58:15 Talk break
01:02:30 Paysage D’Hiver – Einkehr (from Einsamkeit)
01:17:59 Rufus Thibodeaux – Silver Lake Blues (from The Cajun Country Fiddle Of Rufus Thibodeaux)
01:20:07 Kitty Wells – The Great Speckled Bird (from Dust On The Bible)
01:22:26 Tennessee Ernie Ford And The San Quentin Prison Choir – “Are Ye Able,” Said The Master (from We Gather Together)
01:26:06 Talk break
01:30:12 Windy & Carl – La Douleur (from Songs For the Broken Hearted)
01:31:33 Part 2 (from Sex Is My Business)
01:43:44 Common Eider, King Eider – Remembrance: A Threnody (from A Wound Of Body)
01:47:30 Post Scriptvm – The Binding / Vox Calamantis (from Gauze)
01:56:40 Talk break
01:59:55 Uncle Dave Macon – Don’t Get Weary Children (from Old Time Classics: A Collection Of Mountain Banjo Songs & Tunes)

Got some vintage BCM, a couple young girls singing about dead babies, and some strange sounds about and dedicated to the O’Hare International Airport.
Air date: February 27, 2019

Background music: Gonçalo Penas – A Besta / Quanto Mais Me Bates (from Ego De Espinhos)

00:00:00 Kevin Roth – Dry Bones (from Somebody Give Me Direction)
00:02:25 Talk break
00:06:03 Abstracter – Wings Of Annihilation (from Cinereous Incarnate)
00:16:55 Shirley Collins – The Death Of Nelson / Coronation Jig (from Adieu To Old England)
00:25:35 Talk break
00:33:58 Sarah Hennies performed by Lenka Novosedlíková – Side B (from Sisters)
00:36:26 Dr. Jack Van Impe – Side B (from The Great Escape!)
00:53:50 Hoor-Paar-Kraat – Descensus In Cuniculi Cavum (from A Doorbell Of Earbows For Brefix)
01:01:39 Talk break
01:04:45 Fórn – Dolor (Parts I And II) (from Weltschmerz)
01:16:37 Klagetoh Singers – A1-A8 (from Navajo Round Dance)
01:17:07 Birchville Cat Motel – Damn Infinity Hairtie / Four Freckle Constellation (from Four Freckle Constellation)
01:30:21 Talk break
01:34:07 Ed McCurdy – Naomi Wise (from The Ballad Record)
01:36:50 Fripp & Eno – An Index Of Metals (from Evening Star)
01:38:30 Buck Warren – Side B (from From: Poet Buck Warren To: O’Hare International)
02:04:15 Talk break
02:06:40 The Whitfield Girls – Babes In The Woods (from The Rackensack Volume II)

New Astronoid!!! Also that stretch of Vincent Price reading Shelley’s “Adonais” poem alongside the last Aeoga record is just too fucking good.
Air date: February 6, 2019

Background music: James Ginzburg – Light, Times – A River (from Six Correlations)

00:00:00 George Stoneham – Sweet Boy’s Tune (from Clawhammer Banjo)
00:01:30 Talk break
00:04:25 Astronoid – Lost (from Astronoid)
00:10:40 Bill Comeau & Carmel Signa – For The Young Lovers (from Fragments From An Unknown Gospel)
00:11:31 Eleh – Wear Patterns (from Caterina Barbieri / Eleh Split)
00:25:35 Talk break
00:29:00 Unknown Darashe musicians – Syncopated Panpipes (from Staring Into The Sun)
00:36:51 The Arrows – The Ghost Story (from Devil’s Angels Soundtrack)
00:39:11 Reverend Ian Mitchell & Caroline Mitchell – Three Men Died / Faithful Cross (from Funeral Folk Mass)
00:40:31 Kali Malone – Cast Of Mind (from Cast Of Mind)
00:53:22 Stanley Holloway – With Her Head Tucked Under Her Arm (from The World Of Stanley Holloway)
00:57:17 Talk break
01:00:35 Portrayal Of Guilt – Daymare (from Let Pain Be Your Guide)
01:06:47 Kimio Eto – Kensetsu No Hibiki (from Koto Master)
01:09:20 Vincent Price reading Percy Bysshe Shelley – Adonais (from Poems Of Shelley)
01:22:30 Aeoga – Obsidian Towering / Outer Observatory / The Sublime Canvas (from Obsidian Outlander)
01:39:27 Talk break
01:42:10 Krallice & Dave Edwardson – Etemenaki (from Loum)
01:50:33 Joseph Spence – Bimini Gal (from Folk Guitar, Bahaman Ballads, & Rhyming Spirituals)
01:56:46 Talk break
01:58:28 John Roberts – Out On The Rolling Sea (from Folk Guitar, Bahaman Ballads, & Rhyming Spirituals)

3 new Important releases, including Oliveros paired with morse code, a reissue of an essential Yellow Eyes record, and some choice country western yodeling.
Air date: January 30, 2019

Background music: Chris Larkin – White Defender (from Hollow Knight Score: Gods And Nightmares)

00:00:00 Mary O’Hara – Róisín Dubh (Dark Rosaleen) (from Ireland)
00:02:59 Talk break
00:06:52 Dakhma – Coins (from Suna Kulto)
00:26:46 Stefan Grossman – Slow Blues In C (from Yazoo Basin Boogie)
00:29:08 Talk break
00:31:39 Eliane Radigue – Arthesis (from Geelriandre / Arthesis)
00:34:10 Ronnie Gann – Side B (from The Wild World Of ESP)
00:49:55 Black Earth – Masks Of Their Own Facelesness / A Monarch Spawned In Chaos Wanders Among The Ruins (from A Cryptic Howl Of Morbid Truth)
01:06:52 Talk break
01:06:53 Ollie Gilbert – Plant Sweet Flowers On My Grave (from The Rackensack, Volume I)
01:10:40 Ennio Morricone – Slaughter In The Village (from Hundra Soundtrack)
01:17:38 Yellow Eyes – Cabin Filled With Smoke And Flies (from Hammer Of Night)
01:24:22 Caterina Barbieri – How To Decode An Illusion (from Born Again In The Voltage)
01:32:44 Talk break
01:36:04 Henry S. Jacob’s Camp – Fred (from Sim Shalom)
01:38:51 Pauline Oliveros – Mnemonics I (from Reverberations I)
01:40:05 Lesson Three / Lesson Four / Lesson Five (from Learn Code The Easy Way)
01:54:21 Gnaw Bone – Tar Pit (from Rotten Earth)
01:58:34 Talk break
02:01:01 Elton Britt – The Yodel Blues (from Yodel Songs)

concentration camp horrors album cover
Holy hell that break was too long. Sorry about that. Anyway, lots of good stuff in this episode. Especially fond of the debut Clavicvla record on Sentient Ruin.
Air date: January 23, 2019

Background music: Neptune – Black Tide (from Gong Lake)

00:00:00 Bruce Licher – Mesopotamia (from Open Strings)
00:04:21 Talk break
00:08:33 Clavicvla – Belzeebut Invocat / MA (from Sermons)
00:28:13 Trepaneringsritualen – A Cold Cell (from A Knife In Sound)
00:32:42 Talk break
00:35:08 Karlheinz Stockhausen – Prozession Part 1 (from Prozession)
00:38:22 BBC Radio Newsreel Overseas Service, May 5, 1945 (from Concentration Camp Horrors)
01:02:08 Carlos Casas – In Search Of Nikolai Fedorov: Triune God (from Pyramid Of Skulls)
01:02:23 Talk break
01:05:48 Cevdet Erek – Kirast / Walnut Interlude / Dicycles (from Davul)
01:24:29 Tanbouri Ibrahim Bey Adham – Taxim Hidjaz (from Open Strings)
01:28:24 Talk break
01:30:50 Sleep – Antarcticans Thawed (from The Sciences)
01:45:07 Lea Bertucci – Resonance Shapes (from Resonance Shapes)
01:46:51 Tasos Stamou – Rizitiko / A Dance (from Musique Con Crète)
01:58:05 Talk break
01:59:52 Sir Richard Bishop – Olive Oasis (from Open Strings)

Mixed in a bunch of Christmas stuff alongside the usual strange mayhem.
Air date: December 19, 2018

Background music: Anjou – Sighting (from Anjou)

00:00:00 John Fahey – Joy To The World (from The New Possibility: John Fahey’s Guitar Soli Christmas Album)
00:01:49 Talk break
00:06:04 Whitehorse – The Unwelcome Return (from Fire To Light The Way / Everything Ablaze)
00:27:44 Talk break
00:30:37 Friends Of Armenian Culture Society Chamber Singers And Chamber Orchestra, arranged by Rouben Gregorian – Multitudes Of Angels (from Sharagans)
00:34:38 Low – Long Way Around The Sea (from Christmas)
00:39:14 Twells & Christensen – Burning Bridges Together (from Coasts)
00:41:07 Rev. C. L. Franklin – Going Thru The Roof, Part 2 (from Going Thru The Roof)
01:00:53 Talk break
01:04:09 Victoria Spivey – Christmas Morning Blues (from Death Might Be Your Santa Claus)
01:07:34 Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin – Kimya (from Christmas In The Congo)
01:10:20 Chaos Echœs – Advent Of My Genesis (from Transient)
01:22:45 Regina Kujawa – Czerwony Caboose (Red Caboose) / Merry Christmas (from Boże Narodzenie: Polish Christmas Songs And Sketches)
01:23:27 Rita Ford’s Music Boxes – Adeste Fidelis — Regina (from A Music Box Christmas)
01:28:26 Talk break
01:31:22 John Fahey – Christmas Fantasy, Part 1 (from Christmas With John Fahey, Vol. II)
01:43:03 Ill Omen – Abhorrence X-XI (from Enthroning The Bonds Of Abhorrence)
01:53:58 Talk break
01:57:29 Reverend. J. M. Gates – Death Might Be Your Santa Claus (from Death Might Be Your Santa Claus)

aniara album cover
Spun some cult glossolalia alongside doom drone and played Beherit’s Electric Doom Synthesis which is some of the weirdest music I’ve ever heard. Also, I highly recommend the Anna & Elizabeth record.
Air date: December 5, 2018

Background music: Zul Darwis & Asmidar Darwis – Sifat Manusia (from Indonesian Pop Nostalgia)

00:00:00 The Balfa Brothers – Drunkard’s Sorrow Waltz (La Valse De Bambocheurs) (from The Balfa Brothers Play Traditional Cajun Music)
00:03:11 Talk break
00:07:25 Pussygutt & Story Of Rats – Pavour Nocturnus (from Sea Of Sand)
00:10:46 The Church Universal And Triumphant, Inc. featuring Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Decree 12.10 (from The Sounds Of American Doomsday Cults, Vol. 14)
00:28:08 Teata Makirere – Te Takake Nei Tatou (from Moments In Rarotonga)
00:30:06 Talk break
00:34:34 Anna & Elizabeth – Farewell To Erin / Mother In The Graveyard (from The Invisible Comes To Us)
00:44:14 Beherit – We Worship, We Pray (from Electric Doom Synthesis)
00:50:52 Joseph Spence – Don’t Let Nobody Burn Down Burma Road (from Good Morning Mr. Walker)
00:53:17 Jessika Kenney – Her Sword I (from Atria)
01:01:48 Talk break
01:04:45 Karl-Birger Blomdahl – Act II, Scenes 1 & 2 (from Aniara: An Epic Of Space Flight In 2038 A.D.)
01:07:24 The Star Pillow – From Dust To Stars (from Symphony For An Intergalactic Brotherhood)
01:29:29 Talk break
01:33:04 Thy Light – …And I Finally Reach My End (from Suici.De.Pression)
01:45:45 Julianna Barwick & Rafael Anton Irisarri – A1 / A2 (from Thesis 10)
01:47:10 Crickets And Parakeet / Crickets And Mourning Dove / Small Tree Toad / Peepers / Flight Of Parrots / Giant Toad (Bufo Marinus) / Many Toads / Rain Sequence With Crickets And Toads (from Sounds Of A Tropical Rain Forest In America)
01:58:46 Talk break
02:01:28 Charlie Poole And The North Carolina Ramblers – The Baltimore Fire (from Old Time Songs Recorded From 1925 to 1930, Volume Two)

I was putting together my list of favorite drone records from this year and noticed a theme: a lot of them were made by women. So I decided to take out the dudes and make a list of just lady droners. But when I started working on that list, I realized I was leaving out a lot of my favorites because they weren’t capital-D Drone records. So I said fuck it, I’m just going to make a list of my favorite drone records made by female artists even if they’re just kind of drone, or droney, or droning, or whatever. So while this is my least Drone year end drone list, it makes up for it by 1: being more true to what I like, 2: highlighting under-represented artists, and 3: still churning out a fuck ton of drone.

Once again, I tried to shy away from the high profile artists (which, sadly, there aren’t nearly enough of in this niche). There were really only three that probably would’ve been on my list if I felt they didn’t need my extra support: Sarah Davachi, Olivia Block, and Mountain Man. So if you somehow missed any of those, definitely scope them out asap. And Phew’s Voice Hardcore was on the list until I found out the CD version came out in 2017 even though the vinyl and digital editions came out this year. Oops. That’s another crazy one that you should check out.

There are two drone records, though, that were made by dudes and I feel were not given nearly enough attention, and were definitely Top 5 material for me, so I would feel remiss if I didn’t mention the wholly unique blissful doom drone by A Story Of Rats (featuring Garek Druss of Dull Knife) and the debut collaboration between High Aura’d & Asama (aka Thommy Saraceno of Owlfood). Those two records are fucking phenomenal and deserve your dollars.

I made a Spotify playlist again, because even though I hate Spotify, some people rely on it, so here you go. It’s missing songs from numbers 12, 13, and 14 because they’re not on Spotify, so make sure to stream those below.

As always: Thanks for reading. Thanks for listening. Thanks for making incredible music.

See what made the cut after the jump.

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Finally get to spin the new Fórn record which is absolutely crushing. And I’m kinda surprised at how well the cantorials worked alongside Hail’s arctic ambient.

Air date: November 28, 2018

Background music: Mark Fell & Gábor Lázár – Untitled (D2) (from The Neurobiology Of Moral Decision Making)

00:00:00 Doc Watson – Weary Blues (from Doc Watson & Son)
00:02:39 Talk break
00:06:37 Fórn – Auraboros / Scrying Below The Wolf Moon / The Ancient Wisdom Of Sorrow (from Rites Of Despair)
00:26:46 Victor Jara – La Plegaria A Un Labrador (Prayer To A Laborer) (from Vientos Del Pueblo)
00:29:58 Talk break
00:33:09 Ofege – Devils Work (from The Last Of The Origins)
00:38:34 Joanna Brouk – The Space Between (from Hearing Music)
00:40:40 George Jean Nathan read by Julie Haydon Nathan – B3-B9 (track listing is huge, head here for full titles) (from The New American Credo)
01:00:23 Talk break
01:03:55 Maria W. Horn – Ångermanländska Bilder (from Kontrapoetik)
01:13:58 Fear Factory – Shock (from Obsolete)
01:18:58 Hail – Exit (from Frozen Grave)
01:20:37 Cantor Samuel Malavsky & Family Choir – L’el Boruch (from Cantorial Masterpieces)
01:29:22 Talk break
01:35:59 Obray Ramsey – Wildwood Flower (from Blue Ridge Banjo)
01:39:15 Tinariwen – Eh Massina Sintadoben (from Amassakoul)
01:43:37 Sugai Ken – Shinpenkitokusen (from Tele-N-Tech-Da)
01:50:28 Glenn Jones – Everything Ends (from The Giant Who Ate Himself)
01:53:45 Blattaria – The Eggs Are Hatching (from Blattaria)
01:59:00 Talk break
02:02:02 The De Zurik Sisters – Why I’m Grieving (from De Zurik Sisters Yodel And Sing Their Greatest Hits)

Had a lot of fun with this one. Starting around the half hour mark, everything is pretty much layered on top of each other for a smooth continuous mix (sans talk breaks).

Air date: November 21, 2018

Background music: SRSQ – Mixed Tide (from Unreality)

00:00:00 Bob Arbuckle, Verner Mikkelson, & N. Roy Clifton – The Blackhawk Waltz (from Old Time Couple Dances)
00:02:32 Talk break
00:07:05 Sumac – Ecstasy Of Unbecoming (from Love In Shadow)
00:23:45 Delma Lachney – Cher Ami Ma Vie Est Ruini (Dear Friend My Life Is Ruined) (from On The Waters Edge)
00:26:35 Taos Pueblo Singers – Untitled (B1) (from Round Dance Songs Of Taos Pueblo, Volume One)
00:29:40 Talk break
00:33:41 István Láng – Musica Funebre Per Orchestra (Gyászzene Zenekarra / Funeral Music For Orchestra) (from Laudate Hominem Cantata / Chamber Cantata / Musica Funebre / Monodia Per Clarinetto Solo / Quartetto D’archi No. 2)
00:34:20 Alessandro Cortini & Lawrence English – Parts 1-3 (from Immediate Horizon)
00:47:11 Jozef Van Wisser & Jim Jarmusch – Flowing Light Of The Godhead (from The Mystery Of Heaven)
00:58:08 Talk break
01:00:17 Cultes Des Ghoules – The Serenity Of Nothingness (from Sinister, Or Treading The Darker Paths)
01:10:30 Locrian – Ring Road (from Territories)
01:14:00 Deep Voices / Deep Breathing (from Deep Voices: The Second Whale Record)
01:19:13 Florian Fricke – Die Erde Und Ich Sind Eins (from Die Erde Und Ich Sind Eins)
01:32:37 Talk break
01:35:20 Usnea – Chaoskampf (from Usnea)
01:37:17 Peter Marshall – Trial By Fire (from Peter Marshall Speaks)
01:48:22 Final – Stop At Red (from Reading All The Right Signals Wrong)
01:58:54 Talk break
02:00:32 Leroy Ervin – Blue, Black, & Evil (from Texas Blues)

Not a whole lot of mixing going on here but still a whole lot of mixed up tunes with some pretty sweet transitions imo.

Air date: November 14, 2018

Background music: Soccer Committee & Machinefabriek – Dio-o-day (from Drawn)

00:00:00 Mr. Montgomery – I’ve Been Down (from I’m In A Strange Town: Blues & Gospel 1927-1967)
00:03:58 Talk break
00:06:30 Paysage D’Hiver – Eishalle (from Die Festung)
00:13:42 Ebenezer Baptist Church – Opening 23rd Psalm / Come Home, Come Home (from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Funeral Services, Ebenezer Baptist Church, April 9, 1968)
00:21:01 Lacing – Wound (from Bummer)
00:25:04 Suni Paz – E Doce Morrer No Mar (from Earth And Ocean Songs)
00:28:42 Talk break
00:32:55 Daughters – Satan In The Wait (from You Won’t Get What You Want)
00:39:57 Ian William Craig – Some Absolute Means (from Thresholder)
00:44:50 Shirley Collins – Awake Awake / The Split Ash Tree / May Carol / Southover (from Lodestar)
00:55:48 Talk break
00:59:54 William Basinski & Lawrence English – Selva Obscura (from Selva Obscura)
01:02:22 Blue’s Out Of Body Experience / Enfield Poltergeist Recordings / Doretta Johnson’s Account Of Haunting / Michael Esposito – The Yellow Jackets Last Stand Of 1811 / Sally Ann McIntyre – Collected Huia Notations (Like Shells On The Shore When The Sea Of Living Memory Has Receded) (from Medium: Paranormal Field Recordings And Compositions, 1901-2017)
01:19:38 Efrim Manuel Manuck – Black Flags Ov Thee Holy Sonne (from Pissing Stars)
01:28:42 Talk break
00:32:42 GGUW – Untitled (from Behauptungsanimalität)
01:43:27 Marisa Anderson – Lament (from Cloud Corner)
00:47:37 Radio Tehran – Tatilat (from A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night Soundtrack)
01:53:01 Hailu Mergia And Dahlak Band – Anchin Kifu Ayinkash (from Wede Harer Guzo)
01:58:25 Talk break
02:00:21 Sam Hinton – The Bent County Bachelor (from Frontiers)

jim jones album cover
I’m back! Again. I fucked up my back by sitting around all day a few weeks ago and couldn’t stand or walk or anything.

But hey there’s new Jute Gyte! New Ragana! New Jasmine Guffond! New Inexorum! New Caretaker! New Embassador Dulgoon!

There’s also a new pressing of the Jonestown massacre released by TPOS and I’ve heard it a bunch of times and I know how harrowing it is but every time I hear it it’s like I’m hearing it for the first time and I just get fucking devastated all over again. So I thought it would be ok to play that during a normal (i.e. non-Halloween/horror) episode but that might have been a mistake. So for those of you not looking to totally ruin your day, skip from about 00:30 to 01:00. However, it does go perfectly alongside the newest Caretaker release. And the Fear Falls Burning/Sunn O))) pairing is pretty excellent as well.

Air date: November 7, 2018

Background music: Christopher Larkin – Soul Sanctum (from Hollow Knight Soundtrack)

00:00:00 Pierre La Dieu – Driving Saw Logs On The Plover (from Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard: Hard Time, Good Time & End Time Music 1923-1936)
00:03:12 Talk break
00:06:18 Jute Gyte – The Norms That Author the Self Render the Self Substitutable (from Oviri)
00:17:40 Unknown Pushtu musicians – Tangtakore (from Folk Music Of Pakistan)
00:21:38 Gid Tanner – You’ve Got To Stop Drinking Shine (from Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard: Hard Time, Good Time & End Time Music 1923-1936)
00:24:42 Happy Hour – Climbing The Golden Stairs (from Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard: Hard Time, Good Time & End Time Music 1923-1936)
00:27:38 Talk break
00:30:41 The Caretaker – Sudden Time Regression Into Isolation (from Everywhere At The End Of Time – Stage 5)
00:32:21 Reverend Jim Jones – Side B (from Last Sermon At The Peoples Temple, Jonestown Guyana 11/19/78)
00:53:29 Embassador Dulgoon – Triassic Persuasion / Daedalean Escapades (from Hydrorion Remnants)
00:59:05 Talk break
01:01:32 Ragana – Inviolate (from Let Our Names Be Forgotten)
01:07:40 Unknown Serbian, Grecian, Turkish, Armenian, Jordanian, & Syrian musicians – C1-C3 (from Folk Instruments Of The World)
01:08:02 Jasmine Guffond – Part II (from Degradation Loops)
01:13:30 Unknown Bini (Southern Nigeria) musicians – Secret Society Drums (from African Music)
01:16:45 Maurice Evans, Lucile Watson, & Margaret Webster (Director) – Side C (excerpt) (from The Importance Of Being Earnest)
01:23:27 Kentucky Holiness Singers – I’m On My Way (from Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard: Hard Time, Good Time & End Time Music 1923-1936)
01:26:37 Talk break
01:30:28 Sunn O))) – bassAliens (from White 2)
01:32:55 Fear Falls Burning – I’m One Of Those Monsters… (from I’m One Of Those Monsters Numb With Grace)
01:53:40 Inexorum – Let Pain Be Your Guide (from Lore Of The Lakes)
01:58:50 Talk break
02:00:43 Harry “Mac” McClintock – Jerry, Go Ile The Car (from Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard: Hard Time, Good Time & End Time Music 1923-1936)

I had no idea Howard Fast sounded like Christopher Walken.

Air date: October 10, 2018

Background music: Teresa Winter – นม And Earth (from Untitled Death)

00:00:00 Sylvester Waver – Sore Feet Blues (from Smoketown Strut)
00:02:49 Talk break
00:05:30 L’Acephale – Perdition (from Stahlhartes Gehäuse)
00:18:25 Popol Vuh – Und Als ER Sah Es Geht Dem Ende Zu (from Sei Still, Wisse Ich Bin)
00:25:30 Talk break
00:29:17 Jessica Moss – Entire Populations (from Pools Of Light)
00:33:40 Howard Fast – Spoil The Child (from Howard Fast Reads Howard Fast)
00:53:37 William Albright – Organbook II: Last Rites (from New Music For Organ)
01:02:24 Talk break
01:04:14 Crawl – All Who Oppose Me (from All Who Oppose Me)
00:22:17 Shem Tupe & Family – Adui (from Usiende Ukalale: Omutibo From Rural Kenya)
01:27:50 Talk break
01:31:50 The New Boston Quartet playing Leo Ornstein – String Quartet No. 3: First Movement (from The Music Of Leo Ornstein: String Quartet No. 3)
01:33:39 Vicekopf – Principia Schizophonica (from Principia Schizophonica)
01:45:10 Unknown Yoruban musicians – Drums For The Deity Orishania (from African Drums)
01:48:12 Lum Guffin – Moanin’ And Groanin’ Blues (from Lum Guffin)
01:53:34 Rahu ?- Kalas Bleed For The Sun-Eater (from The Quest For The Vajra Of Shadows)
02:01:08 Talk break
02:04:58 Lulu Jackson – You’re Going To Leave The Old Home Jim (from The Rain Don’t Fall On Me)

The new Low record might be my favorite thing to come out this year. So incredible. Definitely check it out even if you aren’t a Low fan (like me) because it sounds like Basinski produced it (he didn’t).

Also, don’t be surprised of that Afsprengi Satans record shows up again in my Halloween episode.

Air date: October 3, 2018

Background music: 1-Speed Bike – The Day That Mauro Ran Over Elwy Yost (from Droopy Butt Begone!)

00:00:00 The Voices Supreme – The Broken Vessel (from To The Glory Of God)
00:04:41 Talk break
00:08:36 Afsprengi Satans – Í Iðrum Þínum Sefur Brennisteinn (from Seiðgall / Djöful Leg)
00:27:11 Low – Dancing And Fire (from Double Negative)
00:31:16 Talk break
00:34:27 Doc Reese – Ol’ Hannah (from Jazz Volume 1: South)
00:37:30 Mirror – Side A (from Ringstones)
00:41:15 Michael Fox – Side A (from Dogtalk)
01:01:34 Talk break
01:03:47 Imperial Triumphant – The Filth (from Vile Luxury)
01:13:07 Jobelou – Kita (from Voodoo Trance Music: Ritual Drums Of Haiti)
01:18:17 Mississippi Fred McDowell – Worried Mind Blues (from The Alan Lomax Recordings)
01:21:43 Mountain Man – Slow Wake Up Sunday Morning (from Magic Ship)
01:25:48 Unknown Aissawan musicians – Aissawa Procession (from Music Of Morocco)
01:30:13 Talk break
01:33:31 Paysage D’Hiver – Moloch (from Schattengang)
01:47:12 Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar – Raga Yaman: Alap (from Raga Yaman)
01:49:50 David Cory reading Ralph Waldo Emerson – “Is this beauty to perish…?” and the poem Hamatreya (from A Selection From The Essays, The Poetry, And The Journals)
02:01:02 Talk break
02:03:00 Big Bill Broonzy – Down In The Basement (from Do That Guitar Rag 1928-1935)